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What is the Easiest Way to Create a Membership Site?

So you want to start a membership site? The problem many people face is that they do not want building a membership site to be a difficult process. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be. The key to making a membership website as pain free as possible is to choose the right CMS (Content Management System) and proper accessories.

Why use a CMS for your membership site?

1. Obvious

When creating your membership site, content management is critical. The obvious solution is a quality Content Management System. This eliminates the need for you to do any programming or HTML yourself.

2. Feature Updates

With CMS, you will be able to easily add, delete, or update features within your membership site without having to re-upload your content. Without a content management system, you would likely have to re-upload your content whenever you altered any of the HTML.

3. Simple Member Management

Managing your members cannot be simpler than when you are using a CMS. Your CMS will create all of the databases that you will need automatically as well as update it whenever a member changes their information. If you were to do this on your own, you could spend hours a day just updating your members information.

The next question you need to answer is which content management system is the best? Here is a quick glance at the 3 best CMS and deciding which one is your best option.

1. Drupal

Drupal is full of features and is often considered one of the best content management systems. Drupal devotees will always point to Drupal as your best option. The main drawback to Drupal is that it is the most difficult CMS to customize. This could mean that you will end up having to hire a designer or programmer to get what you want. That doesn’t make starting your membership site easy.

2. Joomla

Joomla is another great CMS. The biggest drawback to using Joomla is that has a cluttered interface. This can make navigating and making the changes that you need to make very difficult. Comparatively, it also takes more time to add content than with some of the alternatives and time is money.

3. WordPress

WordPress has become a popular option for hosting membership sites and for good reason. WordPress is intuitive to use and simple to modify. The best part is that there are a ton of great plugins available that will set up your entire membership site within a matter of minutes. Nothing could be easier.

If you are looking for the easiest way to set up a membership site, use WordPress for your CMS and find a flexible and proven plugin like Magic Member. This powerful combination will give you as much flexibility as you need, while being very easy to modify and customize.

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