How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress

Custom post types can be extremely useful regardless of what type of website you are creating. Custom post types are a key reason WordPress can operate as much more than a simple blogging platform. Following the initial setup, WordPress relies on pages and posts to support the main content. Fortunately, you can create as many different types of content types as you want by leveraging the flexibility and functionality of custom post types.

The Easy Way – A Plugin

The easiest way to create custom post types is by using a WordPress plug-in designed to create custom post types. One of the more popular plug-ins is the Custom Post Type UI plugin. This plug-in provides an easy-to-use interface which allows for you to create and manage both custom post types and taxonomies. While there are multiple plug-ins which feature this type of functionality is important to get one you are comfortable using and has a proven track record of remaining updated to ensure it does not conflict with future versions of WordPress.

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