5 Steps to Releasing Content Consistently on Your Membership Site

The most common aspect of membership site management that owners struggle with, to the detriment of their site, is the ability to release content consistently. The process of the creating content varies from one membership site to the next depending upon the type of content they create and how it is delivered but that should have no impact on the ability to release content to members on a consistent basis. Similar to creating content the key to releasing content consistently is developing and implementing an effective, repeatable process.

1. Determine a Release Schedule

The first step to releasing content consistently is making it is priority. A simple way to do this is by setting up a release schedule. Depending on how mature the membership site is this schedule can vary a great deal. Creating a release schedule serves the same purpose as any other development schedule. It creates a trackable, manageable way to release content. It also provides visual motivation for making content a priority. Plus, a lot of people think they are releasing content consistently because it “feels” they are consistent. A release schedule provides a visual way to make sure content is actually released on a consistent basis.

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