6 Reasons Membership Sites Can Be Successful in Any Niche

6 Reasons Membership Sites Can Be Successful in Any Niche

The look and feel of membership sites may have changed significantly over the past decade but the essence of a membership site is still one of the easiest ways to be successful in any niche. Some people will use a membership site as their primary source of income while others may use them to supplement their core offerings. This is a quick overview of the six primary reasons memberships sites will continue to be successful in any niche.

1. People Naturally Gravitate to Communities

The first reason membership sites can be successful in any niche is the sense of community they can create. This isn’t to say every membership site is built around the idea of community but the ability to create an active community ensures a membership site can continually evolve to meet the needs of any niche audience.

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We’re glad to announce you that version 2.0 is on the way.

3 of our developers are still working diligently to complete the new MGM version 2.0

What’s Magic Members V.2.0

We have developed and released more than 200 versions of Magic Members in the last 7 years since 2009.  We’ve added tons of new features in this time frame. But now our developers re-coding the core of the Magic Members WordPress membership plugin. It’s going to be completely new, fast, light and more user friendly.

What’s the new features of Magic Members 2.0?

– Completely new and user friendly interface

– Faster and stable
The new version (2.0) of Magic Members will be %80 faster.

– Less Memory Usage
Version 2.0 of Magic Members is going to use less memory to make your website faster.

– Smaller file size
The new version of Magic Members membership site plugin will have smaller file size. It’s going to be %50 percent less than before.

We plan to release the beta version of Magic Members 2.0 in June. We’ll let you know the details through this post.

Magic Members Reviews

Magic Members Reviews

Magic Members is a one of the well-known WordPress membership plugins to create a membership website. Since we created Magic Members, February, 2009. we added lots of features and improvements in this time frame. We released more than 200 versions. Our developer team is working on the V.2.0 in order to make Magic Members to make more stable, more fast and light-weight software.

We love our customers and value their reviews.

Our Membership plugin for WordPress works so good for our customers that they go out of their way to write Megic Members reviews on their own and send them to us.

Here are a few of the unsolicited Magic Members Reviews that our customers have sent to us … we hope they’ll be helpful to you:

Magic Members saved me time and money. I was able setup my membership site all by myself without needing a webmaster. Thank You!

Jennice Flawn

Magic Members has a really clean design that makes setting up a membership site incredibly easy. It has lots of direct payment gateway integrations.


The interface is intuitive, very easy to use! No technical know-how is required. Now my site is up and running and making money. And the support service is very efficient, they assisted me in additional doubts I had in a timely manner.

John Franco


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Magic Members V.1.8.55 Released

We released a new version of Magic Members WordPress membership plugin recently. You can download the latest version from Magic Members’ dashboard.
Magic Members New Version

MGM V.1.8.55 Changelog


-HOTFIX- Added a setting called PayPal IPN Environment and Endpoint (SHA-1 to SHA-256). Please keep the setting to September 9-30 until it’s October 1st, 2016. Then change the setting accordingly

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1. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version V.1.8.53 to make future adjustments much simpler; and

2. EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE SSL ON YOUR WEBSITE, to communicate with any payment service DOES require that your server have a working SSL infrastructure in the back-end. This is almost always already present, but isn’t always up-to-date. So, you should still CHECK YOUR WEBSERVER for compatibility with the new SHA-256 certificate technology which will be required by most web services in 2015. At the very least you need to be using a minimum Apache version of 2.0.63 (if you’re using Apache. If you’re using IIS, talk to your server admin to fix that), and OpenSSL 0.9.8o or newer (v1.1.x is better).

3. If you use SSL on your website, test your site’s SSL here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ and have your hosting company fix all issues so that you get an “A” grade. (While an “A” itself isn’t mandatory for the purposes of PayPal or Magic Members, any issues preventing you from getting an “A” deserve investigation by someone who understands such matters. Hopefully your hosting company is well versed in that area. If not, that’s a revealing piece of information to consider when renewing your hosting services.) We recommend you aim for an “A” rating, just to minimize possible issues (again, not specific to PayPal or Magic Members), and make your site compatible with as many browsers as possible while providing the best security and insulating against all known threats due to improper configuration.

PayPal’s update is occurring in 2 stages: A VeriSign G2-to-G5 Root Certificate Upgrade, and then a SHA-256 SSL certificate.

And, strictly speaking, those changes have NO IMPACT on the PHP code used in Magic Members. But they do affect underlying server technologies used on your webserver.

1. VeriSign Root Certificate Upgrade:
We’ve already tested Magic Members against the PayPal sandbox, which is already using the Verisign G5 Root Certificate, and it works fine. But that’s because the webservers we tested on already have the Verisign G5 Root Certificate authority files installed. Your host can help you with this. See the link below.

2. SHA-256 SSL certificate
PayPal isn’t updating the “api-3t.paypal.com” endpoint.
But in 2015 there is a big push for all webservers to start using SHA-256 SSL certificate chains. As such, you should ensure that your hosting company properly updates your server’s SSL certificate store.

a) PayPal offers some advice for your hosting company here: https://ppmts.custhelp.com/ci/fattac…20English).pdf

b) And you can also ask your hosting company to fix any SSL problems reported for your site as mentioned in #3 above.