Membership Websites Infographic

8 Benefits of Membership Websites Infographic

Not only is the popularity of WordPress as a content management system growing, but the use of the WordPress platform to support membership sites is growing as well. Take a look at the top reasons many individuals and brands are adding a membership site or members only area to their website.

Maximum Per-Customer Value

The top reason more websites are adding a member’s only area or becoming a full-fledged membership website is because it maximizes per customer value. Depending on the study, it can take potential customers 6 to 10 times viewing and advertisement before making a purchasing decision. It becomes even more difficult to get people to view advertisements via email as more people set up email addresses solely for brain communication. More than one third of people open a separate account solely for brain communication and this number jumps to 58% for millennials. Creating a member’s only area provides brands with a centralized location to regularly communicate with customers.
Membership Site Plugins Make Setup Easy

The WordPress platform adds additional features using plug-ins. Third-party plug-ins are essentially a separate piece of code which leverages the built-in functionality of WordPress to expand a website’s capabilities. WordPress membership site plug-ins make adding a member’s only area or building a full-fledged membership website easy. Installing a plug-in takes just a few clicks and all the customization options can be easily accessed through the WordPress dashboard.
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Surprising Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

Surprising Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS platforms for websites over the past decade. Once considered solely a blogging platform, the WordPress framework has developed into a versatile platform capable of supporting all types of websites. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly popular for membership websites.

5 WordPress Statistics That Might Surprise You Infographic

WordPress Powers Nearly 1/3 of All Websites

The WordPress platform is easily the most popular content management system. Nearly 30% of all websites use WordPress and 60% of all websites with the content management system use WordPress. Unlike other platforms the percentage change in usage is constantly increasing. The continually increasing market share of WordPress ensures it will be a stable platform in the future as it continually refines itself through regular updates and improvements.

WordPress Websites Receive Nearly 45 Million Comments Per Month

WordPress websites generate nearly 45 million comments per month from readers and potential customers. This number excludes any spam comments caught by Akismet. Consumers engage with brands and rely on brand authority online more than ever. Using the WordPress platform and enabling comments is an easy way to find out exactly what your potential customers are thinking and how they react to your content.

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Magic Members is 8 Years Old

Magic Members is 8 Years Old

Magic Members is celebrating its 8th anniversary – and since the very beginning, we have been committed to providing the best WordPress Membership plugin on the market. A big Thank You to all of our valued customers and to the Magic Members family!

What We Accomplished in the Past 8 Years:


Magic Members is the first WordPress membership site plugin which is integrated with CCbill payment gateway.

Magic Members became the first WordPress membership site plugin integrated with CCbill payment gateway.

We released more than 400 version updates.

We answered more than 90.000 support questions.

Our plugin has been activated on more than 55.000 websites.

We added a wide range of new features to the Magic Members plugin.

We added compatibility with various WordPress plugins.

We improved the plugin core.

What We Will Accomplish in the Near Future:

We will improve MGM and add new innovative features.

We’ll make Magic Members faster and light-weight.

Our plugin will be modular, so our clients will be able to use only the necessary features.

Thank you for being part of the Magic Members family!

Offer Multiple Pricing Tiers for your Membership Site

Why You Should Offer Multiple Pricing Tiers for your Membership Site

There is a reason most membership sites you see today offer multiple pricing tiers. The simple reason is because it works. Offering multiple pricing tiers for your membership site provides your members, prospective buyers, and you greater flexibility and better results. While there are numerous benefits to using multiple pricing tiers there are for advantages that stand out.

Easy Way to Leverage Content

The first reason to offer multiple pricing tiers for your WordPress membership site is it allows you to leverage content and monetize it in multiple ways. While there are sound reasons to offer individual products separately, you only generate income on individual sales. With a membership site, you can combine products and services to create multiple tiers. This allows you to reuse products and services across the board and generate income from them without constantly creating new products and services.

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7 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

Many businesses have problems effectively integrating Instagram into their digital marketing strategy. Using Instagram isn’t necessarily difficult but it does take time and effort to understand and implement effectively. Fortunately, the seven simple tips for using Instagram for your business will make getting started easy and help develop a general understanding of what Instagram has to offer.

Take Time to Get Comfortable with Instagram Before Developing Your Business Strategy One step most people overlook is getting comfortable with the Instagram interface. They are so focused on integrating Instagram that they learn on the fly. While it is unnecessary to know everything about Instagram before getting started, it is essential to know the basics and set up an effective profile. Plus, getting comfortable with Instagram makes it easier to dream up new ways to leverage it for your business.

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