You Want It? Magic Members Has It.

One of the biggest mistakes that many newcomers make when creating their first membership website is to sit down and find out exactly what they need.  While the easiest solution is to just use Magic Members because has proven to be one of the premier membership WordPress plugins, it is important to make sure that it really does what you need.

Here are some of the most important questions that need an answer before starting a membership website on WordPress.

How Will You Deliver Your Content?

There are a variety of ways to deliver premium content to your members.  You could create posts, short reports, ebooks, newsletters, RSS feeds and more.  Magic Members was designed with the flexibility to allow you to create a membership website with any or all of these tactics.  The best part is that Magic Members makes sure that your posts, downloads, and RSS feeds are all completely secure.  This security is essential, otherwise non-paying members will get access to your premium content.

What Kind Of Memberships Do You Want?

Do you want to charge your members weekly, monthly, yearly, or just once for lifetime access?  You can do all of this and more with Magic Members.  The best part is you can make these decisions become reality with only a few clicks of your mouse.  You can even set up free trials, recurring billing, automated payments, membership tiers (like Bronze, Silver, and Gold – You can even name them whatever you want), and much more.

Do You Want to Drip Feed Your Content?

Magic Members allows you to decide when a member gets to see your content.  Drip feeding content has become one of the most important features for membership website owners, but it can be hard to find.  Magic Members makes delay your posts and downloads as easy as pushing a button.

What Extra Amenities Do You Want?

A basic plugin is no longer enough.  There are a number of different tools that need to be considered in order to create a successful membership site.  Magic Members can build your list by automatically adding your members to your Aweber mailing list.  It can allow you to create coupons, and accept payments though a variety of different payment gateways including Paypal and Clickbank.  More importantly, it is compatible with a number of additional plugins such as Magic Affiliate and Magic Kicker.  This keeps your website secure and helps you create and manage an army of affiliate to further drive your profits.

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