Surprising Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

Surprising Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

Surprising Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

Statistics About WordPress Membership Sites

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS platforms for websites over the past decade. Once considered solely a blogging platform, the WordPress framework has developed into a versatile platform capable of supporting all types of websites. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly popular for membership websites.

5 WordPress Statistics That Might Surprise You Infographic

WordPress Powers Nearly 1/3 of All Websites

The WordPress platform is easily the most popular content management system. Nearly 30% of all websites use WordPress and 60% of all websites with the content management system use WordPress. Unlike other platforms the percentage change in usage is constantly increasing. The continually increasing market share of WordPress ensures it will be a stable platform in the future as it continually refines itself through regular updates and improvements.

WordPress Websites Receive Nearly 45 Million Comments Per Month

WordPress websites generate nearly 45 million comments per month from readers and potential customers. This number excludes any spam comments caught by Akismet. Consumers engage with brands and rely on brand authority online more than ever. Using the WordPress platform and enabling comments is an easy way to find out exactly what your potential customers are thinking and how they react to your content.

WordPress Websites Are Responsible for More than 100 Million Blog Posts and Pages Per Month
WordPress separates content into two forms – pages and blog posts. Generally, pages are static and rarely change, such as a home page or services page, and blog posts are content which is typically time sensitive similar to newsletter content. The WordPress platform is responsible for more than 1 million new blog posts and pages combined every month. This demonstrates the incredible ability for the WordPress platform to handle a significant amount of content production regardless of the size of website. Keep in mind the 83 million blog posts only include posts from websites using the Jetpack plugin.

Only 21% of WordPress Sites Use SSL

A surprising statistic about WordPress is only 21% of WordPress sites currently use SSL (https). This number will likely sharply increase in the future as more payment gateways require SSL on a website for integration security. Additionally, Google is now providing greater weight to websites with an SSL certificate as it is an indicator the owner and location of the website has been validated by a respected third-party.

Nearly 20% of the Top 1 Million Websites Use WordPress

WordPress is not only responsible for powering nearly 1/3 of the websites online today but also nearly 20% of the top 1 million websites. This number could be significantly higher as the data collected only includes websites which have WordPress specific strings. Many of the security plug-ins used by top websites remove this kind of information because it makes it easier for hackers to target the website.

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