Megic Memebers Translation

Magic Members Translation Guide to

I. Create the correct language file
1. Download poEdit at
2. Open the file magicmembers/core/lang/mgm-en_EN.po
3. Click File -> Save As and change it to mgm-it_IT.po
4. Translate
5. Click File -> Save. This should generate a new .po and a
new .mo file. If poEdit does not generate the .mo file
automatically, just go to File -> Preferences -> Editor and
check the box that says “Automatically compile .mo file on save”
6. Upload new .po and .mo file

This now generates the correct .po and .mo files for your language.
II. Tell WordPress to use your language file
1. Edit wp-config.php
2. Locate the line that says: define (‘WPLANG’, ”);
3. Change it to: define (‘WPLANG, ‘it_IT’);
(Note, use whatever language code you used when you
made your translation in step I-3)
4. Save wp-config.php

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  • Taylor says:

    It is nice this membership site plug-in allows for translation using a free service. The translation memory definitely helps make the translation process faster. I haven’t tried the professional version of Poedit. It looks like they offer dedicated support for WordPress themes and plug-ins and I’m not sure this is something I would need with the Magic members plug-in. A feature I really like is the ability to use “Pre-Translate” which will automatically find either exact or fuzzy matches for untranslated strings in the translation memory and fills them in automatically. For anyone who hasn’t use this before make sure to keep in mind that the pre-translate option won’t always provide a direct translation but it is pretty close.

    With more website browsers automatically translating text and content I wonder how important this type of feature will be going forward. It seems like most web browsers will translate pages automatically. The primary benefit I see of translating your website on your own is you can ensure accuracy which isn’t guaranteed with the automatic web browser translations.

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