Magic Members Proves to Be an All-In-One WordPress Membership Site Solution

As WordPress continues to become one of the most popular ways to create a membership site, more people are left searching for a quality All-In-One solution. Magic Members has stepped up and become the solution of choice. It has every feature that most webmasters look for as well as being compatible with any additional plugins that may be used.

1. Content Management

Magic Members provides any WordPress membership website with a variety of content management solutions. It offers an elite level of security to ensure that your premium content goes only to members, but also gives you several different ways to set up your website. With the flexibility of this plugin you can use any or all of their content features including pay per post, pay per download, partial membership content, teaser content, and much more. It also allows you to drip feed content over time. This ensures that your members renew their subscriptions and become loyal followers.

2. Member Management

Magic Members allows you to take control over managing your members. You have control over everything from account types to subscription options. You can have one-time payments or recurring payments on any schedule that you create. You can even offer free trials. Multiple membership levels are critical to maximizing the income potential of a membership website and now you can create as many membership levels as you need.

3. Security Management

Security is always a top concern for membership sites and Magic Members has you covered. Along with protecting all of your posts, pages, and downloads, it also protects your RSS feed. RSS feeds are often left un-encrypted which can greatly diminish a membership sites profitability.

4. Growth

It is important to choose a WordPress membership plugin that can grow with your website. Magic Members can not only grow with your website but is designed to help your website grow. It adds all of your members to your Aweber list and is fully compatible with Magic Affiliate, which allows you to build a swarm of affiliate that are all ready to make you money. Growth is often an overlooked aspect when it comes to plugins, but not in this case.

There is no reason to try and piece together multiple plugins to create a successful membership website and with Magic Members you don’t have it. It continues to define what an All-In-One WordPress membership plugin should be.

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