Magic Members Can Help You Retain Members Longer

When running a successful membership website, it is critical to retain members as long as possible.  One of the biggest mistakes that most membership website owners make is that they give their members everything at once.  Magic Members has a unique feature that solve the problem automatically.

Imagine this, you have built a great membership website that is loaded with fantastic content, however you notice that your members are not staying subscribed as long as they used to.  Do you know why?  There is a good chance that your members are getting their subscription, going to your membership site and then downloading everything that you have to offer and canceling their subscription.  This is becomes an even bigger problem if you offer a money back guarantee (which everyone should).  After they have downloaded everything, they not only cancel their subscription, but even request their money back.

While this sounds like a far-fetched story, it happens much more often than you would expect.  If they can subscribe once every few months, download everything new, and then get their money back, why would they pay for a subscription?

They Wouldn’t!!!

This is why delaying access to content is critical  Magic Members allows you create a post or download and then delay its release.  The best part is that you are delaying its release to every member.  Let’s say you delay the release of post for 6 months.  This means that if someone signs up today, they would see it in 6 months.  If they sign up 6 months from now, it would be another 6 months before they would be able to see it.

This solution allows you to make sure that you members are always getting fresh content and makes the strategy of signing up, downloading, and unsubscribing a wasted effort.

An additional advantage of using this feature of Magic Members is that you can create “pre-set” courses and then all you have to do is drive traffic to them.  You then have a source of passive income for as long you keep the site going.  Let’s say that you have started a pre-natal website.  The goal of this membership site is guide men and women through the 9 months before they give birth.  You can drip feed your content over the 9 month period, and then once this time period has passed, the course ends.  Once you have this course set up, you never need to touch the website again and you can then start on another website and simply continue to create more.

With this single feature of Magic Members, you will be able to create a variety of different, yet profitable membership sites.

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