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Membership websites continue to be one of the most popular ways to generate income online. WordPress is the most popular platform powering the web today. To leverage this platform for membership sites most people rely on some type of membership site plugin.
There are numerous WordPress membership plugins available, both free and premium, which can lay the foundation for a successful site however few of them offer all the tools and resources needed to create a stable, long-term website without relying on a variety of additional plugins to provide the necessary features required for a successful membership website.


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What Are the Different Types of Membership Sites?

When selecting a WordPress membership plugin, it is important to decide what type of membership site will be used because each type of site require specific features and functionality. Most people think a membership site is simply something you pay for to get access to information but there are a handful of membership site models which have proven to be more common and successful over the long run.

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The Drip Feed Membership Site Model


The dip feed membership site model is what most people think of when they hear the term membership website. This model involves a weekly or monthly payment for access to a private members area which has new content or products added each month. The term “drip feed” refers to the process of slowly adding new content on a regular basis rather than providing members with access to all the content it wants.
A WordPress membership plugin designed for this model will automatically release information after month one, month two, etc. Regardless of when a member signs up they will always receive access to month one first. This prevents members from signing up, downloading all the available content, and canceling their membership.


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Online Course or Online Community Model


Another popular membership website model is the course or community model. It’s also common for these two models to merge using a single membership website plugin. Courses are often modular or provided all at once and sold at a fixed cost. With this model, a member can join for free and pay for only the courses they want. The online community aspect is often included with the courses as a supplement or as a reason for members to pay a nominal monthly fee for ongoing access. In some cases, membership accesses for a specific fixed term as designated by the likes of the course.

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The All-In Model


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the All-In membership website model. Using this model, content may not need to be added on a regular basis because members receive access to all the available content immediately. This model is best for websites which do not update their content on a regular basis but do provide updates quarterly, semiannually, or annually. This membership model is often associated with PLR websites and websites which rely primarily on evergreen content to provide value.




Why Use a WordPress Membership Plugin?


Assuming the website is built on the WordPress platform using a WordPress membership plugin makes sense because it provides numerous features within a centralized platform. While every membership plugin is a little different, they will all provide the same core functionality.

Flexible Payment Gateway Options


Flexible Payment Gateway Options


Collecting Payment


It doesn’t matter what type of membership website is being run at some point website owners need to collect payment from members. Even free membership websites will collect payment for products sold within the members area. This is an important function to consider because some membership plugins will require additional third-party integrations to successfully collect a payment. On the other hand, the best WordPress membership site plugins are designed to allow for payment processor integration without the need for additional plugins. Along with collecting payments the best options will also provide detailed reporting features.


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The final reason to use a WordPress membership plugin is flexibility. Flexibility applies to a variety of different decisions made during the membership setup process. For example, some membership websites will require multiple membership tiers or levels. This is common for membership websites which offer a free, premium, and ultra-premium membership level with varying access to controlled content.
Flexibility also applies to the marketing aspect of a membership website. For example, the use of discount coupons and recruitment of affiliate marketers may be instrumental in attracting new members.



Automation of Time-Consuming Tasks


The most common complaint of running a membership website is how time-consuming many of the mundane tasks can be. The best WordPress membership site plugins will automate these tasks. For example, they will allow for new members to create accounts automatically, pause subscriptions, reset forgotten passwords, and even upgrade membership tiers. The ability to automate these tasks is one of the primary reasons using a WordPress membership plugin is an ideal solution. While there may be a nominal upfront cost the amount of time saved easily makes up for any upfront fee.

Flexible Payment Gateway Options


Integrates With Your WordPress Site


The Magic Members Plugin Solves Common Membership Plugin Problems


Every few months it seems like a new WordPress membership site plugin is released with great fanfare. Unfortunately, many of these plugins don’t last very long because they do not have an established customer base, are not well-designed, or simply cannot provide the necessary support to be a solid, reliable long-term solution. The Magic Members plugin is an ideal solution because it has an extensive track record of providing quality solutions for membership website owners. In fact, it is currently in its eighth year which is an amazing accomplishment considering how quickly many plugins go unsupported. Along with a solid track record of success, the Magic Members plugin solves all the most common problems associated with other membership website plugins.


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Massive Number of Built-In Integrations


The most common reason people choose the Magic Members WordPress membership site plugin is because of the massive number of built-in integrations. The number of payment modules alone is a reason to choose this option. This plugin is designed to automatically integrate with all the most popular global and regional payment methods. The best part is each payment method can be quickly activated or deactivated with the click of the mouse. The Magic Members plugin even allows website owners to utilize different payment gateways for different subscription packages.
Along with payment module integrations, the Magic Members plugin also provides instant auto responder integration with all the most popular third-party solutions such as Infusionsoft, Get Response, AWeber, iContact, MailChimp, and many more.
The key built-in integration many WordPress membership site plugins lack is the ability to easily protect access to content hosted via Amazon servers. S3 Amazon has become a popular way to serve content because it is so inexpensive, but many membership site plugins failed to adequately protect the direct links to the content which can lead to members sharing the content with nonpaying individuals. This protection includes audio, video, or any other type of files and is provided as a built-in feature rather
than an extra charge.

Flexible Payment Gateway Options


Integrates With Your WordPress Site


Supports Any Type of Membership Website Model


Many WordPress membership site plugins are built for specific types of membership models. For example, they protect access to content on an all or nothing basis, course delivery basis, or drip feed basis but do not provide adequate support for multiple website models. Most people who start a membership website will build more than one and may experiment with different types of payment structures and website models to decide what is the best fit for their niche.

If a WordPress membership site plugin is selected which emphasizes a specific model, then different plugins will need to be used for each website. The Magic Members plugin is designed to support all types of membership websites which means the owner of a website or multiple websites only needs to be comfortable with a single WordPress membership site plugin rather than learning how to use multiple solutions for each website. The Magic Members WordPress Membership Website Plugin Provides a Foundation for Maximum

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The final reason to choose the Magic Members plugin is because it provides a variety of ways for membership website owners to experiment with the form of their website. For example, the Magic Members plugin not only provides controlled content access but also allows for partial content display, custom post types, and secure RSS tokens. It even allows for paper post access to content or pay-per-view access for videos. By providing support for all the different membership models and ways to monetize a website, owners can experiment, test, and analyze results to design a membership website structure which provides maximum profit potential within their niche.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers



Is Magic Members a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

No! Magic Members WordPress membership site plugin is a one-time fee. When you purchase our plugin, you can use it forever. Your license also comes with free version updates and support for a year.


Is Magic Members compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

Of course! We make sure that Magic Members membership site plugin performs perfectly with all the new WordPress versions.


Is Magic Members a membership software or WordPress membership plugin?

Magic Members is a WordPress plugin and software. It’s a WordPress membership software.

Can I install Magic Members plugin by myself?

Absolutely! Magic Members’ installation is just like any other WordPress plugin. Just upload it and activate it.


If I purchase a Single License, can I upgrade it to 3 Users License or Unlimited License?

Yes, you can upgrade your license in 30 days without paying anything extra. Let’s say you bought Single License for $97 and you want to upgrade it to Unlimited License which is $207. You pay only $110 to upgrade your license to Unlimited License. If you would like to upgrade your license after 30 days it will cost you an extra $47, so will need to pay $157.


Do you offer an affiliate program for MagicMembers WordPress plugin?

Sure, we have an affiliate program for MagicMembers WordPress plugin. You can join here