Using Custom Registration Fields to Boost Profits

By obtaining the right information, you will be able to maximize your income from every member. The key is know what type of information you need to collect and how to segment your membership base. Here is a quick look at how you can use the Magic Members plugin and it’s ability to create custom registration fields in a variety of different locations to increase your monthly profits

Because there are so many different options available, let’s take a quick look at where these custom fields will appear. By knowing where members will see these fields, it will be easier to understand how this information could be important. First, the custom fields can be displayed on the registration page, profile page, or both. Each of these fields will fall into one of three categories: Required, Read Only, and Optional.

1. Utilizing the Profile Section

It has been proven time and time again that the bigger the barrier that you create to registering for your membership site, the more potential members will back out during the registration phase. This means that the more fields of information that they are forced to fill out, the more barriers you are creating. Instead of asking for all of the information that you want on the registration page, you could instead make it part of the profile page. You can even make these fields mandatory so that the first time they edit their profile page (which most people will do immediately), they will be required to fill out all of these fields. By doing this, you minimize the barriers to entry while still collecting all of the data that you want.

2. Getting Additional Subscriptions

By creating a field such as “I would like to receive updates” or “I would like to get your free newsletter”, you can build your list twice as fast. Not only will they be joining your membership list, but they will also be automatically entered into your newsletter or autoresponder list. That way, if they ever cancel their membership, they will still be receiving your newsletter, which means that you can still monetize them.

3. Niche Specific Information for Content Creation

If you have a membership sites that is focused on dog care, then it might be a good idea to what type of dogs people have and what types of dogs people are interested in learning more about. By adding a custom field like “My Favorite Breeds” or “Breeds I Want to Learn More About”, you will be able to immediately find out what breeds a majority of your members want to learn about. This can prove to be invaluable information because it can help guide your content creation. By giving your members exactly what they want, they will remain members for much longer.

Because custom fields allow you to gather whatever type of information you want, there is no end to how you can segment and research more about your members. Just like with all websites, the more you know about your visitors, the better you can serve and monetize them.

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