Use the Magic Members Plugin to Create Passive Income

Membership websites have quickly become one of the most common ways that people create passive income online. The Magic Members WordPress plugin gives you the opportunity to create any type of membership site that you could want. Let’s take a quick look at each type of membership site that you can create with the Magic Members plugin.

The Whole Thing

One of the most basic forms of a membership site is simply using a WordPress blog to create only premium (paid) content. Magic Members can easily protect your entire website from the masses and allow only paid members to access it. Magic Members will even stop direct URL access, which can quickly become a problem. If a member shares a direct link to your premium content, many plugins would not stop someone else from using that link to access the premium content, but Magic Members will protect your content, this includes both posts and downloads.

Pay Per Post

A growing trend in membership websites is to create content and only allow people to access it on a pay per post basis. This means that the first few paragraphs of the content is available to everyone, and then they will need to pay to read the rest of the content. This way, all of your content will still get indexed by search engines and organic traffic can still be easy to attain.

Pay Per Download

Pay per download is another great way to monetize your WordPress blog. All of your content can be left open to the public, but your reports and ebooks can only be attained on a pay per download basis. This is the same basic concept as pay per post membership sites, but the downloads are monetized instead of the posts.

The Big Mix

Magic Members gives you the flexibility to mix and match all of these features into the perfect WordPress membership website. You can use a combination of any of the above methods to profit is several ways simultaneously.

With the popularity of membership websites on the rise as a method to create passive income, Magic Members has arrived just in time. It offers complete flexibility over what type of membership site you want to run while still creating the highest level of security.

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