Use Magic Members to Maximize Your Membership Profits

It is surprising how many people have no idea where their members are coming from.  Using the Magic Members WordPress plugin you can do much more than just create an amazing membership site.  Used correctly, Magic Members will be able to help track your marketing efforts so that you are not wasting your time or your money on useless marketing tactics.

There are several different ways that Magic Members can be used to maximize your WordPress membership website profits.  The first way is by testing out what price points and subscription lengths suit your members the best.  One of the most common ways to entice new members is through the use of trials.  With Magic Members you can change the length of the trial in order to find out how long your trials need to be in order to maximize your conversions.  You can also offer multiple pricing structures to make sure that you can get the highest level of member retention.

Once you have done all of your testing and found out how to optimize your conversion rate, the next important factor to look at is your marketing.  There is no point in using a marketing technique that doesn’t work.  For example, let’s say that you are using Pay Per Click marketing and are running 3 different ads, have 3 paid advertisements on high traffic websites/ezines, and are also utilizing article marketing with 3 different article directories.  You know that you are bringing in more members, but how do you know where they are coming from?

The easiest way to do this is use the built in coupon feature that Magic Members has.  All you need to do is have each source lead to a different landing page.  The best part is that all of the landing pages can be exactly same.  All you have to do is change the coupon code on each page.

After a few weeks or even a few months, you can find out which coupons were used most often.  The more often the coupon was used, the more successful your marketing campaign was.  This is the best way to maximize your marketing efforts.  Going back to the last example, let’s look at the 3 PPC campaigns  All three brought in more members, but did they bring in enough members to justify their cost?  With Magic Members, you can finally track all of your marketing efforts with ease.

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