How To Unblock Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

How To Unblock Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

How To Unblock Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

Limit Login Attempts is a WordPress plug-in that is used on a majority of websites to prevent brute force attacks from IP addresses. Many WordPress hosting companies actually recommend this plugin, or similar plugins, be used for security purposes. In order to understand how to unblock this particular plug-in is important to understand what it is and how it operates.

An Overview of the Limit Login Attempts Plugin

By default the WordPress platform allows for unlimited login attempts through both the login page as well as by utilizing special cookies. This allows passwords to be brute force cracked fairly easily. The Limit Login Attempts plug-in blocks and Internet address from making additional attempts once the specified limit is reached. By default this plug-in allows users for attempts to login successfully.

Other Similar Plugins

There are a variety of additional plug-ins which offer the same basic functionality. They include WP Ban, IP Ban, Simple Security, IP Blacklist Cloud, and Login Security Solution. It is important to note that while they offers some similar functionality many of these plug-ins also offer additional features but they fundamentally operate by tracking the login attempts of specific IP addresses.

How to Unblock Limit Login Attempts

1. Delete the Plugin
The easiest solution, especially for beginners, is to simply delete the plug-in using an FTP connection and reinstall it later once you are logged in. This can be accomplished by logging into your website via an FTP connection. Then you need to access the /wp-content/plugins/ folder (assuming you used a default installation). Once you are there you can simply delete the plug-in folder. You can also do this through your hosting companies file manager.

2. MySQL Queries
Another option is to utilize a combination of MySQL and phpMyAdmin. Running the following SQL query will clear all of the previous lockout records.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ” WHERE option_name = ‘limit_login_lockouts’ LIMIT 1;

You can also unblock your specific IP address using:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = REPLACE(option_value, ‘Your IP Address, ”) WHERE option_name = ‘limit_login_lockouts’ LIMIT 1;

Both of these solutions should effectively get you past the Limit Login Attempts plug-in block.

  • I’ve used plug-ins like Limit Login Attempts in the past with varying levels of success. Your list of similar plug-ins isn’t complete but fairly comprehensive and covers all of the most popular options. I have noticed that a lot of hosting companies and CDN services offer similar tools to prevent hacking and brute force attacks so this type of plug-in isn’t as necessary as it once was as long as you have the right hosting company or CDN service

    another way to unblock the plug-in that you don’t have listed is to always use a VPN when trying to access your website. This way, if you accidentally will lock yourself out you can go back to your normal web browser because it will have a different IP address. Of course, if you don’t already use a VPN service it doesn’t make a lot of sense to purchase one just for this reason.

    For newer developers or website owners that aren’t comfortable using MySQL and phpMyAdmin I would definitely recommend just deleting the plug-in and reinstalling it. If you mess with your databases and don’t know what you’re doing you can cause a lot more problems for yourself.

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