Magic Members Trial Version

Magic Members Trial Version

We have great news for you..

Our team developed a trial version of Magic Members WordPress Membership plugin. You can download and use it for 7 days for free.

All you need is to visit the following page and fill in the form. It takes only a few seconds.

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Please do not forget, your purchase email address will be your activation key. The trial version is fully functional, after 7 days, if you decide to purchase a license, you won’t lose any data.

Educational Membership Websites

Educational Membership Websites

Educational Membership Websites

6 Reasons Educational Membership Websites Are Successful

Educational membership sites can be a great way to generate income online. In the broader context, many of the membership sites online are educational in some way. The reasons educational websites are successful apply to both education-specific websites as well as membership sites that primarily exist to provide education on specific topics.

1. Multiple Online Courses

The first reason educational membership websites are successful is because they provide an easy way to offer multiple online courses in one or more niches. This allows the website to continually boost credibility and build a brand. While single-course membership sites can be successful, every new product or training product requires a new website and new brand. It is much easier to build a single, successful brand than manage multiple brands simultaneously. Continue reading “Educational Membership Websites” »

3 Most Popular Adult Payment Gateways

An Overview of the 3 Most Popular Adult Payment Gateways

The adult entrainment industry is continually expanding online which makes a reliable adult payment gateway critical to success. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to find payment processers that will allow adult entertainment merchants to use their service. This is primarily because adult websites are considered high risk merchants due to the large number of account cancelations, chargebacks, fraud, and charge disputes. Fortunately, there are a variety of credible adult payment gateways which can be used for an adult website. Keep in mind, that many merchants will charge higher processing fees for adult websites since they are considered high risk merchants. Three popular adult payment gateway include CCBill, Epoch, and Zombaio. Continue reading “3 Most Popular Adult Payment Gateways” »

Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

A High-Level Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

There are a lot of different ways to decide what affiliate plugin is best for an ecommerce website. This particularly Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin review is going to take a high-level or top-level approach. Rather taking a “how-to” style approach, this review focuses on how the Magic Affiliate plugin fits into the big picture of an online marketing and affiliate recruitment strategy.

Time Savings

The most important resource of any online website manager, especially and ecommerce website manager, is time. As such, the first aspect of the Magic Affiliate plugin to consider is how much of an impact it will have on time availability. This plugin allows for automatic mass PayPal payments. This is a huge time-saver. Paying affiliates can be a time-intensive process so any way to save time on this process is a welcome benefit. Along with the ability to set up automatic mass payments via PayPal, it also allows for recurring commissions. This means once a recurring commission is setup, website owners never have to worry about affiliates going unpaid for previous customer recruitment. An added bonus is the ability to set minimum payout amounts. Continue reading “Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin” »

1. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version V.1.8.53 to make future adjustments much simpler; and

2. EVEN IF YOU DON’T USE SSL ON YOUR WEBSITE, to communicate with any payment service DOES require that your server have a working SSL infrastructure in the back-end. This is almost always already present, but isn’t always up-to-date. So, you should still CHECK YOUR WEBSERVER for compatibility with the new SHA-256 certificate technology which will be required by most web services in 2015. At the very least you need to be using a minimum Apache version of 2.0.63 (if you’re using Apache. If you’re using IIS, talk to your server admin to fix that), and OpenSSL 0.9.8o or newer (v1.1.x is better).

3. If you use SSL on your website, test your site’s SSL here: and have your hosting company fix all issues so that you get an “A” grade. (While an “A” itself isn’t mandatory for the purposes of PayPal or Magic Members, any issues preventing you from getting an “A” deserve investigation by someone who understands such matters. Hopefully your hosting company is well versed in that area. If not, that’s a revealing piece of information to consider when renewing your hosting services.) We recommend you aim for an “A” rating, just to minimize possible issues (again, not specific to PayPal or Magic Members), and make your site compatible with as many browsers as possible while providing the best security and insulating against all known threats due to improper configuration.

PayPal’s update is occurring in 2 stages: A VeriSign G2-to-G5 Root Certificate Upgrade, and then a SHA-256 SSL certificate.

And, strictly speaking, those changes have NO IMPACT on the PHP code used in Magic Members. But they do affect underlying server technologies used on your webserver.

1. VeriSign Root Certificate Upgrade:
We’ve already tested Magic Members against the PayPal sandbox, which is already using the Verisign G5 Root Certificate, and it works fine. But that’s because the webservers we tested on already have the Verisign G5 Root Certificate authority files installed. Your host can help you with this. See the link below.

2. SHA-256 SSL certificate
PayPal isn’t updating the “” endpoint.
But in 2015 there is a big push for all webservers to start using SHA-256 SSL certificate chains. As such, you should ensure that your hosting company properly updates your server’s SSL certificate store.

a) PayPal offers some advice for your hosting company here:…20English).pdf

b) And you can also ask your hosting company to fix any SSL problems reported for your site as mentioned in #3 above.

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