7 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

Many businesses have problems effectively integrating Instagram into their digital marketing strategy. Using Instagram isn’t necessarily difficult but it does take time and effort to understand and implement effectively. Fortunately, the seven simple tips for using Instagram for your business will make getting started easy and help develop a general understanding of what Instagram has to offer.

Take Time to Get Comfortable with Instagram Before Developing Your Business Strategy One step most people overlook is getting comfortable with the Instagram interface. They are so focused on integrating Instagram that they learn on the fly. While it is unnecessary to know everything about Instagram before getting started, it is essential to know the basics and set up an effective profile. Plus, getting comfortable with Instagram makes it easier to dream up new ways to leverage it for your business.

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How to Create a Successful Landing Page for Your Membership Site

Create a Successful Landing Page for Your Membership Site

Creating a successful landing page for your membership site is not difficult but it also is not easy. Every month new tools are introduced to maximize conversions, improve landing page design, and drive traffic. For many this makes the prospect of creating a successful landing page for a membership site is truly daunting. Fortunately, anyone can create a successful landing page for their membership site if they follow four basic guidelines. Keep in mind that while the guidelines are widely applicable how they are used for specific landing pages will vary.

A Landing Page is Not a Sales Page

The first guideline is to understand that a landing page is not a sales page. This is critical to be cognizant of because a landing page has a fundamentally different purpose than a sales page. While many people do add some sales page elements to their landing page, the primary focus is still collecting information from potential customers. While generating a sale is great it is easier in the long run to build a warm list of leads which will not only generate sales for the product being promoted on the membership site being promoted on the landing page but also other products in the future.

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Forex Membership Websites

Forex Membership Websites

The 3 Most Common Types of Forex Membership Websites and Why Each is Successful

Forex is a popular topic among veteran traders alike. It is a market in which participants buy, sell, and exchange currencies of all types. Currently, the forex market is considered to be the largest financial market in the world and it processes trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions every day. While large banks are still considered to be the largest traders, the decentralized nature has made it extremely popular among day traders as well. With so much action, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover there are a growing number of successful forex membership sites. The most successful forex membership websites can be broken down into three basic categories which are all profitable in different ways.

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Educational Membership Websites

Educational Membership Websites

Educational Membership Websites

6 Reasons Educational Membership Websites Are Successful

Educational membership sites can be a great way to generate income online. In the broader context, many of the membership sites online are educational in some way. The reasons educational websites are successful apply to both education-specific websites as well as membership sites that primarily exist to provide education on specific topics.

1. Multiple Online Courses

The first reason educational membership websites are successful is because they provide an easy way to offer multiple online courses in one or more niches. This allows the website to continually boost credibility and build a brand. While single-course membership sites can be successful, every new product or training product requires a new website and new brand. It is much easier to build a single, successful brand than manage multiple brands simultaneously. Continue reading “Educational Membership Websites” »

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