The Power of WordPress and the Revenue of a Membership Site

A WordPress Membership Site – The Power of WordPress and the Revenue of a Membership Site

Membership sites have shown to provide a number of advantages to people who are interested in generating income online. There are a wide variety of different models to follow ranging from your standard lifelong membership sites to modular continuity sites and even private forums. Regardless of what model you plan on following, there are likely a number of benefits that you can gain by creating a WordPress membership site. WordPress offers a number of advantages over other content management systems. These advantages can be directly tied to increased online revenue. Here is a quick look at some of the potential benefits that you can gain.

The first and most important benefit is minimizing expenses. No matter what type of membership site you create, there is going to be some expenses to deal with, especially when you consider both the creation and management phases separately. In the creation phase a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they need to purchase an expensive content management system. The truth is that WordPress has proven itself to be an elite option even though it is free to use. With a strong community of developers it is continually being improved at a rate much faster than most commercial options. This means that your WordPress membership site will naturally be kept current in terms of online trends simply because of the CMS.

During the creation phase additional expenses, especially related to design, often arise as well. With WordPress there are a number of free themes that can be used. If you do want to purchase a commercial theme, there is an ever growing number of elite options to choose from as well. The best part is that these themes can be used over and over on multiple membership sites which means a one time investment for a lifetime of rewards on an infinite amount of sites.

Once you have created and launched your WordPress membership site there are a number of ways that WordPress helps you minimize your maintenance expenses as well. The primary benefit is that WordPress is designed to be extremely user friendly. This means that if you hire a staff or outsource your content creation and website management, the training is fairly simple. In fact, most people in the field of content creation and website maintenance are likely to already have experience with WordPress so the training time will be related only to your specific instructions rather than teaching them how to use an entirely new system. Additionally, because the back end of WordPress is designed to be fairly minimalistic everything can be done with a few clicks. This means minimum time navigating and using the WordPress functions.

Along with minimizing expenses, WordPress can also help you boost your profits. A WordPress membership site provides you with maximum flexibility which means that you are free to promote your membership in any way that you want. This allows you to connect to your specific market in the most effective way, whatever that may be for your audience. Additionally, with the ever-growing number of plugins available, you can easily add a variety of interactive and social features to your WordPress membership site with little effort. This will go a long way in retaining members for a longer period of time. Not only does this increase your profits from membership fees, but also gives you more time to monetize each member.

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  • Oscar says:

    I would like to point out another way using the WordPress platform minimizes maintenance expenses is the surge in hosting companies which offer WordPress specific hosting plans. While the plans can be a little more expensive than a traditional website hosting package, the hosting environment is optimized for maximum speed and ensures all of the supporting software is compatible with WordPress. In the long run, this will minimize downtime and eliminate many of the compatibility problems some people run into when using a general hosting package.

    Along the same lines, this is also the reason that using WordPress can help you increase your profits. Having a fast website and mobile responsive website is more important than ever in terms of recruiting members as well as ranking well in search engines. People want websites load quickly and search engines recognize this which is why website loading time is become a key ranking factor. By combining WordPress with a WordPress specific hosting package you can easily increase your page load time with minimal changes to your membership area.

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