Promote Your WordPress Membership Website

Promote Your WordPress Membership Website

5 Copywriting Techniques You Should Steal from Email Marketers to Promote Your WordPress
Membership Website

When most people hear the word “Copywriting” they immediately imagine expensive split testing strategies
on long form and short form landing pages and sales pages. The truth is copywriting is increasingly prevalent
for email marketers as our inboxes receive more emails every day. While many of the basic ideas of
copywriting are applicable across all platforms, there are five copywriting techniques email marketers have
mastered which you can use to promote your WordPress membership website either via email or other
outlets such as social media.

Create Multiple Versions of Your Marketing Properties

While split testing is popular across all platforms, email marketers take it one step further and create a
minimum of three or four versions of each email. Using the same strategy for promoting your content on
Facebook or other social media platforms will allow you to quickly identify what pain points and persuasion
styles are most receptive to your target market.

Never Underestimate Your Title

It is amazing how many marketers forget that the structure of their content will control the flow of
information. Email marketers spend significant resources on their email headline because it is what will get
people on their list to click through and read their email. The same is true for all types of content. For
example, if you are creating a short piece of content or video for Facebook, the introduction or headline is
the only way you will grab your prospects attention and ideally get them to follow through with your desired

Focus on Your Sub-Groups

A common mistake for new membership websites is to try to appeal to everyone with their initial marketing
blast. Even when you are getting started it is critical to focus on your subgroup or submarket content
recipients because it will allow you to customize your message and make your membership website more
valuable to them in a very specific way. By making it about the recipient you not only gain insight into your
target markets but may also identify additional value propositions your membership website offers that you
didn’t initially notice.

Make Your Readers Say “Yes” to Your Questions

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get your readers to become more engaged with your content
is to ask them questions. While questions themselves are very effective to maximize the power of this landing
page style or headline framing is to use questions which gets the reader to say yes rather than no. This may
seem obvious, but most people focus so much on the pain point being solved that readers are thinking “No, I
do not want XYZ pain point anymore” rather than saying “Yes, I do want a solution to XYZ pain point”. Getting
your readers to say yes at the very beginning puts them in a frame of mind to continue saying yes once you
get to your product offer.

Never Make Your Readers Choose Between CTA’s

The final tip from email marketers is only use one call to action button. It is become more common for
websites to include secondary call to action buttons to try and capture the interest of a reader who said no to
the initial call to action. While this logically makes sense, it is often counterproductive because if the
potential member must choose between multiple call to actions they often will not make a choice at all.

The basic tenants of copywriting have not changed as much as most people think. The big difference is most
marketers have become so focused on their method of delivery that they overlook foundational copywriting
tips. Email marketers are competing within the inboxes against hundreds of other emails which is force them
to identify exactly what does and does not work. Implementing these five simple tips from effective email
marketing copywriting will make all your promotional materials more effective and make it easier to increase
the number of members in your membership website.

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