PagSeguro Integration

PagSeguro Integration Makes Accessing the Brazilian E-Commerce Marketing Easy

Compared to many countries, there are only a handful of reputable online payment processors that give you complete access to Brazil. Magic Members now makes it easier than ever to integrate PagSeguro into your membership website. This allows you to service more than 66 million online users based in Brazil. Over the last decade, online sales in Brazil have exploded from $500 million in 2001 to more than $13.2 billion in 2010.

Why is PagSeguro the Best Solution

PagSeguro is a UOL company, which is currently the most dominant Latin America web-portal since the mid 1990’s, along with being the leader in Brazil. In the region, more than 70% of all users will access UOL at least one time every month. This means that PagSeguro gives you unprecedented reach into the area.

PagSeguro allows you to set everything up under a single contract and with no monthly fee, membership fee, or minimum transaction volume. This will help you centralize your record keeping, which saves time and money. It is designed as a zero-risk system which automatically outsources the analysis and risk of accepting specific payments and protects you from unwarranted charge backs

The best part about PagSeguro is that it will instantly allow you to accept all of the most popular payment methods including:

All Major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Aura, PlenoCard, and Aura
Banco do Brasil
Oi Paggo
In total – More Than 13 Different Payment Methods

All of these payment methods will process through your PagSeguro account.

How Easy Is the PagSeguro Integration Process with Magic Members?

Once your PagSeguro account is set up, integrating it with your membership site couldn’t be any easier. Using the simple Magic Member interface, you can have everything fully integrated in under a minute. The best part is the Magic Members is designed to take care of the complex PagSeguro payment processor integration simultaneously. From there, your website will be ready to receive all of the sales that you can generate.

There are two things to keep in mind when using PagSeguro. The first is that there is a 14 day waiting period between when you accept the payment and actually receive the funds. This 2 week buffer was designed to protect both the buyers and sellers. It also provides you with a huge advantage because the number one reason that most people hesitate when making a purchase online is fear. With the 14 day waiting period, your customers will feel safe and secure.

The second is that PagSeguro offers buyers a unique pre-paid plan which makes them more likely to purchase at sites that sell through PagSeguro than other payment processors. This is because by pre-paying, they have already committed to spending their money online.

PagSeguro gives you near-instant access an e-commerce opportunity that has exploded over the decade by giving your access to online shoppers based in Brazil. With the easy to use Magic Members dashboard, you can integrate PagSeguro within a matter of seconds.

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  • Brazil has always been a difficult country to provide payment options for although this is changed over the last several years. Even with recent changes PagSeguro is still the dominant option. Similar to PayPal in some ways, it accepts all major credit cards as well as supplemental payment methods which are region specific such as Itau. Anyone looking to start a membership site or sell content to a primarily South American audience should definitely give PageSeguro a long look.

    A key benefit of PagSeguro that is often overlooked is the ability for buyers to choose a prepaid plan. This type of plan operates similar to a prepaid debit card and that the customers have already given their money to PagSeguro. They then use the funds already loaded to their account in order to make online purchases. This is great for retailers because people feel like they are not spending their own money since they’ve Artie given that money to PagSeguro. On the flipside, it is ironic that as a retailer it still takes up to 14 days before funds are released to you.

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