3 Reasons Your Membership Site Should Use the Sequential Course Delivery System

Using the Sequential Course Delivery System that the Magic Members WordPress plugin provides should be considered an essential element of your overall strategy. In very cases, is this style of content delivery ineffective. In case you are unfamiliar with this feature, it basically allows you to drip feed content over a specified period of time. For example, you create some content for Month 1. Anytime that someone becomes a member, they start out only getting access to the Month 1 content. If you haven’t considered using this feature, then you could be undercutting the value of your membership site. Here are 3 benefits that your membership site will gain from implementing the Sequential Course Delivery System.

1. Cuts Down on Pre-Launch Content Creation
One of the biggest benefits to using the sequential course delivery system is that it limits the amount of content that you need before you launch your membership site. Technically, you only need the first days worth of content to launch, however it is normally recommended to have a month or two content already loaded. In the end, you only need create content that is one month ahead of your longest member. If your oldest member leaves after 1 year and the next older member has only been around for 8 months, then you don’t need to create any content for several months.

2. Improves Membership Length
In almost every membership format, providing content sequentially will improve the average amount of time that a member remains a member. If you give them everything at once, then there is a good chance that some members will sign up for a month and then cancel. When they want to know what else has been added, they can simply sign back up for another month and get everything that they missed. In the end, they could sign up and cancel once a year and never miss a thing.

Another way that it can improve your membership length is that you can monitor when most member leave. If they are all leaving 5 months in, then you can probably infer that the content for month 5 needs to be modified in some way. By drip feeding content, you can more effectively identify what content is the most effective and what content isn’t meeting the needs of your members.

3. Improves Initial Conversion Rate
Another benefit of using the sequential course delivery system is that it can be a mechanism to improve your initial conversions. This can be done in several different ways. The first is simply that the sooner someone signs up, the sooner they will get to the more advanced content. The second, is that you can offer the first month as a “bonus” for members who sign up now. This means that they will get both month 1 and month 2 when they sign up. Essentially, you are giving them a months-worth of content for free, which is a great way to get people to sign up. Finally, you can create a premium membership tier that gets access to everything. An important caveat is that this membership tier should only have one or two payment options – yearly or lifetime. Otherwise you will be undercutting the whole point of drip feeding the content on other membership tiers.

There are a growing number of benefits to using the sequential course delivery system that the Magic Members plugin offers. The key is leveraging for the maximum benefit, which can vary from niche to niche. While it may take a little testing to get the perfect equation, drip feeding should be a cornerstone of your solution.

  • Stan says:

    Does it work with buddypress?

  • admin says:

    Yes, Magic Members works with BuddyPress.

    Thank you.

  • Jonathan says:

    Cool article! Can Magic Members be integrated with OptimizePress? What online support will you provide?

  • backup says:

    Yes, Magic Members works with OptimizePress.

  • Estacionamento mensal says:

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    technologies, it’s amazing article.

  • I like the idea of using sequential course delivery or drip feeding as some people call it. As noted in the post it definitely cuts down on the prelaunch content that I need in order to get my membership site up and running. One benefit to drip feeding content that is not mentioned is it provides more data to help you find out exactly when members are unsubscribing. While some amount of membership attrition is expected, it is much easier to retain current members and attract new ones for most membership sites. It is definitely more profitable.

    By drip feeding content you can identify specific topic areas or even specific pieces of content that may be driving members to unsubscribe. Even if I have a lot of evergreen content, I still use sequential course delivery whenever I can solely to track what type of content members want and what they find valuable. The ability to do sequential course delivery makes magic members a plug-in worth considering even if you are not building a full-fledged membership site but rather some type of training or class-style website.

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