Magic Members Now Supports 3rd Party Payment Gateway and Autoresponder Integrations

You will be able to add new payment gateways and autoreponders into Magic Members with the provided documentation..

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Over the past several years, eWay has made a huge surge in providing merchants with a truly international payment processor. Along the way, they have garnered a number of awards. The problem that many merchants have had, especially for membership sites, is actually integrating the processor into their website. The Magic Members plugin now makes eWay integration easier than ever.

How to Integrate eWay With Your Membership Site

With Magic Member, the eWay integration process can be completed within a matter of minutes. Once you go to the payment gateway section of the plugin, all you have to do is enter your account details and activate it. Once this is done, your membership site will automatically add eWay to your customers checkout options.

Why Use eWay?

If you haven’t chosen your payment processor or simply want to add another option for your customers, then eWay provides an excellent solution. Since 2008, they have garnered a number of awards including:

  • Telstra ACT Business of the Year
  • MYOB ACT Small Business of the Year
  • CeBIT Platinum Award for Excellence in Technology Services (several times)
  • Deloitte Canberra BusinessPoint Sales Growth Award
  • Along with being a finalist in a handful of other awards as well.

During this time, they have also signed a number of major agreements with banks to ensure that you can truly handle an international base of members. Some of the most recent agreements have been with major banks in New Zealand, CitiBank, UK Banks, and many more. They have also partnered with to streamline the sign up process and improve communications with merchants. They have even developed a very successful iPhone Payment App, so your members can sign up and make payments via their mobile phone.

Integrating eWay into your membership site is particularly useful if you have a number of members based in Australia. They have agreements with every major Australian bank including: WestPac, St. George, NAB, CommonWeatlh, BankSA, and BankWest.

Along with an excellent processing center, they are perfect for online businesses because of their advanced reporting system. You get access to every possible report that is needed to run a membership site including: transaction reports, settlement reports, enterprise reports, schedule reports, and you can even create custom reports so that you always get the information that you need. With a membership site, these reports are incredibly important so that you can track key statistics, like your attrition rate, to maximize your profit potential.

With the Magic Members plugin, eWay integration couldn’t be any easier.

Using the Sequential Course Delivery System that the Magic Members WordPress plugin provides should be considered an essential element of your overall strategy. In very cases, is this style of content delivery ineffective. In case you are unfamiliar with this feature, it basically allows you to drip feed content over a specified period of time. For example, you create some content for Month 1. Anytime that someone becomes a member, they start out only getting access to the Month 1 content. If you haven’t considered using this feature, then you could be undercutting the value of your membership site. Here are 3 benefits that your membership site will gain from implementing the Sequential Course Delivery System.

1. Cuts Down on Pre-Launch Content Creation
One of the biggest benefits to using the sequential course delivery system is that it limits the amount of content that you need before you launch your membership site. Technically, you only need the first days worth of content to launch, however it is normally recommended to have a month or two content already loaded. In the end, you only need create content that is one month ahead of your longest member. If your oldest member leaves after 1 year and the next older member has only been around for 8 months, then you don’t need to create any content for several months. Continue reading “3 Reasons Your Membership Site Should Use the Sequential Course Delivery System” »

One of the most commonly cited reasons that people use the Magic Members plugin is that it provides a maximum amount of flexibility in terms of how you create memberships. The key is not only having this ability, but knowing how to leverage it for the maximum benefit. Everyone knows how to create a membership with a single tier, but many either don’t know how or don’t know why creating additional tiers can provide unique benefits that aren’t otherwise possible. Here is a quick look at some of the flexible membership options that Magic Members allows you to utilize and how to implement them for maximum results.

1. The Free Trial
Even the newest membership site owner knows the theoretical benefit of giving their customers a free trial before they actually join the site. The problem is that the free trial isn’t always utilized in a way to maximize the number of people who convert from free member to paying member. The balancing act that many people have to decide between is whether or not a free trial should provide full access to all of the content, or just part of it. In general, there is a fairly simple way to make this decision. If the information is entirely educational, then it makes sense to still have content that cannot be accessed during the free trial. This will make the free trial a big teaser, which can boost conversions.

On the other hand, if you are providing something to your members that can get them invested in your offer, such as a piece of software or tool that they will use, then giving them access to everything during the trial will draw them in further, and boost conversions. For example, if you are running a health related membership site and premium members get to use some sort of diet tracker or workout tracker, then giving them access to it right away will get them personally invested in becoming a member. Remember, the key is not only offer a free trial, but offering the right kind of free trial.

2. The Extra Month
This is a strategy that is rarely used by membership sites, but can be the most effective way to lower your attrition rate. Essentially, when someone starts to cancel, you offer them an additional free month as a member. If you have multiple tiers, you should give them a free month at a membership level that is one tier above what they currently are. You then use this additional month to sell your premium tiers. In many cases, people cancel because they aren’t receiving enough value. By giving them access to more than they previously had, they can get the extra value that they are looking for. Then once this free month is over, you offer them the higher level membership at the same rate they paid for the lower tier (normally this special rate will go for 3 or 4 months). This will not only prevent people from leaving your membership site, but can actually increase the number of people who take part at your premium membership tiers.

There are a lot of different ways that you can utilize the flexible membership options that Magic Members provides. The key is implementing these feature effectively to improve conversions and lower your attrition rate.

One marketing strategy that doesn’t get talked about very often is using Coupons. The Magic Members plugin allows you to generate an unlimited number of coupons that can provide as many different discounts as you want to use. When you first think about using coupons, there may not be very many strategies that come to mind, however they can provide you will a large number of benefits that all lead to you making more money. Here is a quick look at a few different strategies that only coupons can give you access to.

1. New Source of Incoming Links
In terms of search engine optimization, one of the biggest problems that a lot o membership site owners have is finding new sources of incoming back links. There are thousands of coupon sites on the internet, and the only people getting back links from them are those who have some sort of coupon to offer. By using the Magic Members coupon function, you can submit your own coupon to these sites and get a massive amount of back links. The best part, is that you don’t have to give away a huge discount off your monthly fee. Instead, you can create an additional bonus that can only be claimed with a coupon. Not only do you maintain your bottom line, but still give people a compelling reason to want to see your coupon. You can also write up press releases about “new coupons”. This is an additional source of back links that can be very powerful.

2. New Tool For Affiliates and Super Affiliates
There are two different ways that you can use a coupon to boost the sales of your affiliate marketers. The first is to create one general coupon that every affiliate can use. This is especially useful for those affiliates who have built large lists because a coupon gives their readers a reason to act immediately.

For your super affiliates, a coupon is a uniquely beneficial tool because it accomplishes two goals simultaneously. The first is that by giving your super affiliates a coupon code that only they know about, you will be building greater trust and mutual respect for your relationship with them. The second benefit is that their list will have an even higher conversion rate which not only means more money for you, but more money for them as well. If there is one thing that keeps your affiliates happy, it is giving them a higher conversion rate and more total conversions.

3. Gives People a Reason to Join Today
If there is one big barrier that could be keeping your conversion rate lower than expected, it is apathy. It can be difficult to convince people that they need to become a member today, because most will assume that if the membership site is good, then it will be there tomorrow With a coupon that is only available for a limited time, you are giving people a reason to sign up immediately. The key is to not have a coupon available all of the time. If you decide to issue a new coupon every month, then it shouldn’t be valid for the entire month. Instead, make it available for the first 10 or 15 days.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that you can gain from using the coupon feature that the Magic Members plugin offers. The best part is that every benefit leads to tangible results – most importantly, more back links, higher conversions, and higher profits.

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