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There are plenty of reasons you may be looking into how to create a members only WordPress site. It offers new streams of revenue, protects valuable content, and increases your perceived value and authority within a niche. Most people embrace the idea that they need a members-only WordPress website (or at least a members-only section). The primary barrier they face is actually getting a secure members-only website setup. Fortunately, creating a members-only website doesn’t have to be complicated.

How to a Create Members Only WordPress Site

1. Decide What Needs to Be Protected

The first step is deciding what content needs to be protected. Even if your entire website is going to be or members-only there will still be a few pages which are available to the public – such as the signup page. You may also decide to provide some content to the public in order to draw them in. This is often referred to as “teaser-content”.

Deciding how much of the content needs to be protected is only part of the equation. You must also decide what type of content will be protected. For example, you may want to protect a download so only members can access it. At the same time, you may want the rest of the download page viewable by the public so they decide to join your website. Determining what type of content is going to be protected can play a large role in deciding what the best way to create a members-only WordPress site will be for your situation.

2. Consider the Payment Options

The second step is deciding what type of payment options you will be making available. There are two separate issues to contend with. The first is the actual payment processors or payment gateways you will be using. This is important because some 3rd party payment processors could cause compatibility issues with the method you choose to protect your member’s area. Additionally, some payment processors function completely within your website whereas others will take customers to their website to ensure secure processing. Continue reading “How to a Create Members Only WordPress Site” »

Offer a Free Membership to Grow Your Business

3 Ways to Offer a Free Membership to Grow Your Business

There are a variety of different reasons you should be offering a free membership to your membership site in order to grow your business. This is true even if you don’t have a dedicated, separate membership site. Just adding a free member’s only area to your current website can provide benefits. In order to examine the different reasons you should offer a free membership to grow your business the easiest method is to look at the different ways to offer a free membership and how it will impact your business.

1. Free Trial/Special Promotion

The first way to offer a free membership to expand your business is to build it into a current paid membership website. This could be a small free trial or short-term special promotion. The purpose of providing a free trial to prospective members is it gives them the ability to see what you are truly offering. Some people choose to limit what members can access with a free trial while others do not. There are proven benefits to both. In general, you do not want to grant an all access free trial if you are not drip feeding content or constantly adding new content because free trial members will quickly notice that they are already getting access to everything they would as a paid member. The purpose of this is simply to expand your footprint, gain attention to your brand, and identify new target markets. Continue reading “Offer a Free Membership to Grow Your Business” »

5 Reasons to Start Your Membership Site

5 Reasons to Start Your Membership Site

There are a number of different reasons you should start a membership site. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time Internet marketer or a small mom-and-pop business looking to generate more sales in your brick-and-mortar store there are notable benefits to starting a membership site. While everyone will realize unique benefits based upon their type of membership site there are seven fundamental benefits a membership website can provide.

1. Recurring Income

The first benefit is recurring income. It doesn’t matter if you charge a small monthly fee for members to join or offer a completely free membership site the website itself becomes an asset which can be leveraged to generate recurring income. Once your membership site is launched you will be able to test a variety of different methods to improve the income it generates either directly or indirectly.

2. Best Way to Leverage Previously Created Content Continue reading “5 Reasons to Start Your Membership Site” »

Custom Fields Will Directly Benefit Your Membership Site

Many WordPress plugins offer the ability to use custom fields in one way or another. With membership site plugins this capability is particularly important to utilize because it offers a variety of benefits. The key is knowing when to use customer fields, which ones provide the most benefits, and how using them will affect your membership site.

Types of Custom Fields

There are a variety of different types of custom fields you can use on your membership site, especially when it comes to formatting your content, but in terms of membership site management there are two types of custom fields that are particularly important. They are user fields and customer registration fields. Both of these types of fields dictate the information you collect from your members and the information they can share with other members. Continue reading “How Using Custom Fields Will Directly Benefit Your Membership Site” »

Benefits of Creating a Real Community on Your Membership Site

Why Every Membership Site Should Leverage a Member Directory and Public User Profiles to Promote a More Social Community

There are a lot of different strategies membership site owners use to add new layers of socialization into their online community. Everything from private Facebook pages to members-only forums within the membership site has been used in the past. Unfortunately, most of these techniques emphasis socialization above the membership site itself. To gain the most from everything a more social membership base has to offer it needs to take place onsite. This is the only way to continue emphasizing your brand and associating everything your members enjoy with your website.

Benefits of Creating a Real Community on Your Membership Site

1. Longer Retention

One of the primary benefits of creating a tangible sense of community within your membership site is longer average retention rates for each member. Not only does this mean great net profits, but also less time required to maintain the current level of satisfaction among current members. This frees up more time to recruit new members. It also provides you with more opportunities to monetize your current members. The longer they are with you, the more they will trust you and your products. Continue reading “Benefits of Creating a Real Community on Your Membership Site” »

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