One of the biggest problems that most membership websites have, is that members will often cancel their subscription after only a few months.  The reason for this is simple, they never really used the subscription.  Why didn’t they use it?  They forgot about it.  Today, more than ever before, people are paying online subscriptions to multiple websites.  This means that you are no longer just competing to keep your member happy, but to keep them happier than the other subscriptions that they have.  The best way to do this is to stay in contact with them.

Many people would argue that the best way to stay in contact with your members is through a mailing list.  While a mailing list is fine, it is no longer as effective as it used to be.  With people getting more spam than ever, as well as freely signing up to 10+ mailing lists at any given time.  This makes it harder and harder to get their attention. Continue reading “Magic Members Keeps Your Members Coming Back for More” »

When it comes to creating secure content, there are a variety of free and commercial plugins available.  The one shortcoming that most of them have in common is that they do allow webmaster to effectively manage their members.  Magic Members offers complete control over the memberships, which simplifies managing members as much as possible.  There are several features in Magic Members that make managing your members easier than every before.

Organizing Members – Account Types

The Magic Members plugin classifies your members in two distinct ways, account types and subscriptions.  Account types are a way to organize your members based on what account type they currently have.  An example of common account types include: Guests (someone who has not yet subscribed), Trial (You can set up whatever parameters you want for the trial, including making it either free or paid), and Member (This includes all types of currently paying members). Continue reading “Magic Members – Simplifying Membership Management” »

It is surprising how many people have no idea where their members are coming from.  Using the Magic Members WordPress plugin you can do much more than just create an amazing membership site.  Used correctly, Magic Members will be able to help track your marketing efforts so that you are not wasting your time or your money on useless marketing tactics.

There are several different ways that Magic Members can be used to maximize your WordPress membership website profits.  The first way is by testing out what price points and subscription lengths suit your members the best.  One of the most common ways to entice new members is through the use of trials.  With Magic Members you can change the length of the trial in order to find out how long your trials need to be in order to maximize your conversions.  You can also offer multiple pricing structures to make sure that you can get the highest level of member retention.
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Membership websites have quickly become one of the most common ways that people create passive income online. The Magic Members WordPress plugin gives you the opportunity to create any type of membership site that you could want. Let’s take a quick look at each type of membership site that you can create with the Magic Members plugin.

The Whole Thing

One of the most basic forms of a membership site is simply using a WordPress blog to create only premium (paid) content. Magic Members can easily protect your entire website from the masses and allow only paid members to access it. Magic Members will even stop direct URL access, which can quickly become a problem. If a member shares a direct link to your premium content, many plugins would not stop someone else from using that link to access the premium content, but Magic Members will protect your content, this includes both posts and downloads.

Pay Per Post

A growing trend in membership websites is to create content and only allow people to access it on a pay per post basis. This means that the first few paragraphs of the content is available to everyone, and then they will need to pay to read the rest of the content. This way, all of your content will still get indexed by search engines and organic traffic can still be easy to attain. Continue reading “Use the Magic Members Plugin to Create Passive Income” »

Are you finally ready to turn your WordPress blog into a professional and profitable membership website?  Magic Members is the perfect solution.  If you can create the content, Magic Members can take care of the rest.  Magic Members is a fantastic plugin that allows any webmaster to tailor their website so that only paying customers can access the content.  The best part is that you can create multiple membership levels and even set up a pay-per-post option.

Magic Members creates a secure website to do much more than protect personal data, but also protect against your paid content from being found through direct URL links.  This ensures also ensures that your premium content also does not show up in search engines, which is critical to preventing people from accessing your content without paying.  The best part, is that if someone tries to access your premium content, they will be sent to a sales page instead of a boring “Access Denied” message.  This is a great way to make additional sales without any additional effort.

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