Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Epoch Magic Members Integration?

The Magic Members WordPress membership plugin recently integrated Epoch as one of the standard payment processing modules. Some people already know first hand what Epoch is all about, while others are still left wondering. Here is a quick look at what Epoch has to offer and how you can set it up from your Payment Options panel.

What is Epoch All About?

Epoch has more than a decade of experience as a 3rd party payment processor. They are currently the only IPSP to offer client and customer support all day, every day though live chat, email, and of course the telephone. Currently, Epoch offers 9 different international and local payment types in a variety of currencies. Continue reading “Epoch Magic Members Integration” »

One of the biggest mistakes that many newcomers make when creating their first membership website is to sit down and find out exactly what they need.  While the easiest solution is to just use Magic Members because has proven to be one of the premier membership WordPress plugins, it is important to make sure that it really does what you need.

Here are some of the most important questions that need an answer before starting a membership website on WordPress.

How Will You Deliver Your Content?

There are a variety of ways to deliver premium content to your members.  You could create posts, short reports, ebooks, newsletters, RSS feeds and more.  Magic Members was designed with the flexibility to allow you to create a membership website with any or all of these tactics.  The best part is that Magic Members makes sure that your posts, downloads, and RSS feeds are all completely secure.  This security is essential, otherwise non-paying members will get access to your premium content. Continue reading “You Want It? Magic Members Has It.” »

So you found your new WordPress membership plugin, have your website almost set up, but then the worst happens.  You find out that your plugin is not compatible your affiliate management program, or your list building program, or a number of other essential tools.  Magic Members was designed to fulling integrate with a variety of essential tools.  Magic Members has already proven to be one of the best stand along WordPress membership plugins, but it also plays well with others.

Even a 1st grader knows that the easiest way to get something done, is to have someone else do it for you.  The most successful membership websites have a slew of affiliate out promoting them.  Unfortunately, many WordPress membership plugins have severe compatibility problems when affiliate tracking software is added.  Magic Members can be fully integrated with one of the most powerful WordPress affiliate tracking software on the market – Magic Affiliate.  This allows you to build, track, and pay a giant sales force of affiliates who are all trying to make you money.

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When running a successful membership website, it is critical to retain members as long as possible.  One of the biggest mistakes that most membership website owners make is that they give their members everything at once.  Magic Members has a unique feature that solve the problem automatically.

Imagine this, you have built a great membership website that is loaded with fantastic content, however you notice that your members are not staying subscribed as long as they used to.  Do you know why?  There is a good chance that your members are getting their subscription, going to your membership site and then downloading everything that you have to offer and canceling their subscription.  This is becomes an even bigger problem if you offer a money back guarantee (which everyone should).  After they have downloaded everything, they not only cancel their subscription, but even request their money back.

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As WordPress continues to become one of the most popular ways to create a membership site, more people are left searching for a quality All-In-One solution. Magic Members has stepped up and become the solution of choice. It has every feature that most webmasters look for as well as being compatible with any additional plugins that may be used.

1. Content Management

Magic Members provides any WordPress membership website with a variety of content management solutions. It offers an elite level of security to ensure that your premium content goes only to members, but also gives you several different ways to set up your website. With the flexibility of this plugin you can use any or all of their content features including pay per post, pay per download, partial membership content, teaser content, and much more. It also allows you to drip feed content over time. This ensures that your members renew their subscriptions and become loyal followers. Continue reading “Magic Members Proves to Be an All-In-One WordPress Membership Site Solution” »

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