Magic Members Version 2.0 is on the way


We’re glad to announce you that version 2.0 is on the way.

3 of our developers are still working diligently to complete the new MGM version 2.0

What’s Magic Members V.2.0

We have developed and released more than 200 versions of Magic Members in the last 7 years since 2009.  We’ve added tons of new features in this time frame. But now our developers re-coding the core of the Magic Members WordPress membership plugin. It’s going to be completely new, fast, light and more user friendly.

What’s the new features of Magic Members 2.0?

– Completely new and user friendly interface

– Faster and stable
The new version (2.0) of Magic Members will be %80 faster.

– Less Memory Usage
Version 2.0 of Magic Members is going to use less memory to make your website faster.

– Smaller file size
The new version of Magic Members membership site plugin will have smaller file size. It’s going to be %50 percent less than before.

We plan to release the beta version of Magic Members 2.0 in 2017. We’ll let you know the details through this post.

  • Gerald says:

    Hi There,

    Any updates when v2 will be ready? do you need anyone to Beta test?


  • Hi Gerald,

    Our developers are still working on the new version of Magic Members. We’ll announce it at our website, when it’s ready.

  • Jamie B. Temple says:

    Very excited for version 2 of the magic members WordPress membership plug-in. It is hard to believe you’ve released more than 200 versions and the last seven years and this is the first time that version 2 will be released. I wonder if there will be any integration problems if your developers are recoating the entire core of the plug-in or if you will rely on previous API coding to ensure no integration problems.
    While the original version of this plug-in was a little large, it is always helpful to use less memory especially when on a shared hosting plan. The timing is great as well since WordPress is also focusing on making their core coding smaller and more lightweight.
    When you say the new version is going to be faster do you mean from within the admin area of the WordPress dashboard or for how quickly content is displayed to the end user?

  • Gerald says:

    Any progress updates? It has been more than a year since you announce it. It would be good to get some idea of what is going on and what is due.


  • boing787 says:

    Our developers are still working on the new version of Magic Members. We had some difficulties, so it takes more time than we expected.

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