Magic Members V.1.8.9 Released

Magic Members V.1.8.9 now available. You can download it from Magic Members’ dashboard.

-fixed- Authorize.Net free trial recurring issue
-fixed- PayPal Express Checkout – User id field is empty issue
-fixed- Post Delay issue when manually assign a subscription pack to a user.
-fixed- Display issue on Membership Details page when “Default (Assign)” is selected
-fixed- Post Preview option for user roles
-fixed- Apply as new subscription checkbox wasn’t working
-fixed- Content protection when tag is added in the content
-fixed- Trial duration and regular duration sums up for the user’s expiration date
-fixed- Checkboxes were not saving after updating with a new option in profile page
-fixed- CCBill Currency Code issue for PayPerPost
-removed- Requiring a default option for Checkbox fields
-modified- Pagseguro “Awaiting Payment” status
-added- Support for 0 cost when Manual Payment is enabled. This way registration will work like an approval system even the registration is free
-added- Auto unsubscribe option from Autoresponders when the user account expires
-added- Option to add users to the Autoresponder lists manually via Update Member Account menu

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  • Dennis H says:

    I know this comment is a little old for this blog post but I just wanted to emphasize how much I appreciate the ability to use the auto unsubscribe option from auto responders when a user account expires. I have separate mailing lists based upon whether a user has purchased yet, if they are a current member, or if they are our previous member. Several times I ran into problems where my magic members “current customer” list would send out redundant emails with my “previous member” list. This was largely because I had not purged my current customer list before sending out emails to my previous customer list.

    The auto unsubscribe option has saved me a lot of time and eliminated this problem completely. The ability to add users to the auto responder list manually has also been helpful for one of my sites in particular because a lot of people pay by check or cash since it is a local membership site for an organization. Thanks again for all your hard work!

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