Magic Members V.1.8.59 Released

Magic Members V.1.8.59 Released

Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin Version 1.8.59 has been released.

MGM V.1.8.59 Changelog
EPOCH Users: Before upgrading, please disable Rebill Status Query if you are not using Search API to avoid any unwanted scenarios.
-fixed- Multiple membership cancel in paypal
-fixed- Cancel stats save and process via database in epoch
-fixed- Mysql dependency check using wp standards
-fixed- Mailchimp and other autoresponder unsubscribe to correct list by membership type
-added- Cancel check using status notify in paypal
-added- New awaiting cancel status member process cron
-rewritten- and smpified cron methods reducing multiple level callbacks

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  • Sarah J. Hayden says:

    Just wanted to leave a note saying I really like the updates in this release. For me the most important update was the simplified crime methods to reduce multiple level callbacks. There were a few times I ran into issues with this although that is partially because I was on a shared hosting plan. Since I switch to a dedicated hosting account this was an issue but it is still nice to see you are making a plug-in that anyone can use.

    I didn’t really have any of the other issues that you say were fixed although the autoresponder I use I kept separate from the plug-in so that might be why I didn’t run into the unsubscribe problem you have listed. As always, way to stay on top of things. Great update – keep up the good work!

    As a side note, I want to point out to everyone that it is updates like this which make using an active license with support important.

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