Magic Members V.1.8.55 Released

We released a new version of Magic Members WordPress membership plugin recently. You can download the latest version from Magic Members’ dashboard.
Magic Members New Version

MGM V.1.8.55 Changelog


-HOTFIX- Added a setting called PayPal IPN Environment and Endpoint (SHA-1 to SHA-256). Please keep the setting to September 9-30 until it’s October 1st, 2016. Then change the setting accordingly


MGM V.1.8.54 Changelog


-added- Support for upcoming PayPal IPN change

-added- New report page called Member Detail. It will show the difference for the admin created users and the users that register themselves

-added- Support to export admin only field along with other user fields

-added- PayPal Singapore to Local PayPal sites

-added- Support for auto-login on 3rd party social registration plugin

-added- A message if a user doesn’t want to share his public profile

-fixed- PHP warning after upgrading WP 4.3

-fixed- Eway Pre-Auth first billing charge

-fixed- Lost password issue on WP 4.3

-fixed- Express checkout buttons after the user gets back from PayPal

-fixed- Magic Members upgrade button on sites which have SSL. Now the version update downloads will work

-fixed- Issue about Purchase Another Membership Level when using Stripe gateway

-fixed- Small issue about the Free module


MGM V.1.8.53 Changelog


-added- Quick FIX for PAYPAL’S IPN VERIFIER’s 500 ERROR. There’s a global issue with PayPal IPN verifier’s starting from July 1st. This update will use a workaround for that issue


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  • Milton N. Brown says:

    Always great to see new versions of plug-ins as solid as this one. I have noticed that there seems to be long stretches of time where premium plug-in developers either ignore their plug-in or decide it is not worth the effort to maintain. The Magic Members plug-in seems to have new releases on a regular version and with very little time between each version.
    I am excited for the new member detail report page because I do have members that sign up via email and pay via check. I am interested to see how many people I sign up rather than sign up automatically because I feel like I spend a lot of time adding member information.
    I am also glad to see the SSL issue has been fixed because all of my membership sites use SSL on every page rather than just payment pages and while there have been workarounds it was frustrating that it didn’t work out-of-the-box. Not sure what the issue with the pre-module was because I didn’t notice any issues.

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