Magic Members V.1.8.48 Released

We released a new version of Magic Members WordPress membership software. You can download the latest version from Magic Members’ dashboard.
Magic Members New Version

-added- Beta – Dynamic shortcode support for emails. You can use the fields created in Custom Fields to your email templates
-added- 2 New capabilities – MGM setting disable admin bar, MGM setting block admin access. You can enable/disable them in Roles and Capabilities menu for the user role you select
-added- Sort option without searching anything in Member List shortcode
-added- Disable option for the member listing if nothing is searched
-added- RETRYNUMDAYS setting in PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro and PayPal Payflow
-added- All the extra options for Post Purchase in Post/Page(s) setup page
-added- [membership_type] shortcode support in payment confirmation email
-fixed- Payment Gateway option listing for specific packages
-fixed- Conflict with jquery slider plugins
-fixed- bbpress performance issues. Excluded -reply- post_type for protections
-fixed- Stripe subscription upgrade causes 2 billing profile
-fixed- Multiple cancellation emails in Stripe gateway
-fixed- Download file issue if the server doesn’t have HTTP ranges
-fixed- Coupon import issue if the coupon is set to unlimited usage
-fixed- Cancellation emails was not showing Membership Type and new membership Status
-fixed- Allow Renewal –> No setting
-fixed- Typo in payment confirmation email
-fixed- PayPal Pro regular period cost is charged for trial period cost
-fixed- Pack Join date issue for Trial membership level
-fixed- Password variable in CCbill upgrade form

  • laurent says:

    Hi, do you plan to support FastSpring as a payment processor? I need it as I want a solution handling VAT for me.

  • One of our clients already did the FastSpring integration.

  • Kathy R. Fletcher says:

    While this is a pretty large release. I find it interesting you added the dynamic short code support for emails to an active version of the plug-in even though the function itself is in beta. At the same time, I do appreciate you letting us know that this is still a beta feature so we can decide whether or not to use it. Personally, I am going to give it a try because I’m comfortable modifying short codes if needed.

    I am not sure why you would want to disable the magic members WordPress plug-in and block admin access. Shouldn’t the administrator be the one who has access to it? I guess if you are a developer and the website owner has administrative capabilities this makes sense. But I think that is a function of poor role assignment rather than a feature necessary for this plug-in.

    As always, I appreciate all the issues you fixed even though I have not experienced any of those problems myself. This is probably because I don’t integrate any of the payment gateways listed.

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