Magic Members V.1.8.23 Released

After the upgrade please access to the Members menu once to load the UI to sync data with cron
-improved- Cron by pplitting and organizing the process with user meta query
-added- Shortcode button that list available shortcodes in Post writing page
-added- Coupon error messages for Upgrade page, Extend page and Other Membership Level Purchase page
-added- User meta query search via sync member data to usermeta. Details can be found at docs/user_query_setup.txt in the zip file
-added- Support for module development and loading via external plugin
-added- New filters for registration emails. Details can be checked in the docs folder
-added- New search filter for member search by transaction id and module
-fixed- Autoresponder problem with users who register with Manual Payment
-fixed- Autoresponder integration when a user upgrades his account
-fixed- Update user accounts error on some cases
-fixed- Buddypress registration conflict
-fixed- Status search in Members menu
-fixed- Pack display for complete_payment
-fixed- Encoding problem for foreign letters in E-mails section
-fixed- Pending payment e-mail when multiple membership level purchase occurs

  • Derick Agyei says:

    Where is the Magic Member’s Dashboard so I can download the latest version of the plugin. I am an existing customer.

  • Please create a ticket at:

    You need to have an active license to download Magic Member WordPress Membership Plugin latest version.

  • Jennifer says:

    It seems like every release there is a new fixer feature that directly affects me. I really enjoy this because many plug-ins that I use have regular updates but the changes they make don’t really impact how I use their plug-in. In this update, I really like that the short code button which lists available short codes is now available in the post writing page. This makes things a lot easier and will save me time when writing a post and trying to insert a short code.

    The ability to filter for registration emails seems like it could also be helpful although I’m not sure how to use this feature yet. The coupon error message is a big help to because I use a lot of different time sensitive coupons with my email marketing campaigns. In the past, people would email me to ask why their coupons for the upgrade pages didn’t work and I spent a lot of time replying to emails and telling people it is because the coupon is expired. Hopefully the error messages on the upgrade pages will take care of this.

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