Magic Members V.1.8.11 Released

Magic Members V.1.8.11 now available. You can download it from Magic Members’ dashboard.

-fixed- Autoresponders when user_purchase_another_membership used for Free membership levels
-fixed- Facebook login issue affecting the regular login form
-fixed- CCBill Currency Code issue for PayPerPost
-fixed- Apply as new subscription checkbox
-fixed- Checbox field saving issue on profile pages
-fixed- ClickBank coupon use on Upgrade and Extend pages
-fixed- Login widget form focus
-fixed- User Export
-fixed- Call to a member function get() error due to plugin conflicts
-added- Action hook mgm_rebill_status_change
-added- Reset Sidebar Widget Settings option in Tools –> System Reset

  • Jay Harris says:

    I purchased a full new license, not knowing I could upgrade. I have taken over support

  • Maria says:

    Hi, I have the V.1.8.11 version which I registered for last year. I need to upgrade WP and want to know if this is compatible with WordPress 3.9.1. I also have the Magic Affiliates and need to know the same. Thanks.

  • Wiki says:

    Fixing the call to a member function error took care of several of my problems regarding plug-in conflicts. There were a few free plug-ins I was using to add features to my membership area that seem to cause conflicts. The weird thing is they didn’t always create a conflict but it could just be because I was updating multiple plug-in simultaneously and the conflict took place before all of the plug-ins had updated.
    I always appreciate the Facebook updates because it seems like Facebook is changing their requirements for website owners all the time. In fact, I probably spend more time messing with Facebook integration than anything else. I appreciate that you are taking care of this problem for me, at least in terms of the magic members plug-in functionality.
    The ability to reset sidebar widget setting seems like a neat idea and I’m glad it is easy to do but I’m not sure this is something I will ever need to use. At the same time, if I ever do it’s nice to know will be there.

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