Magic Members Trial Version

Magic Members Trial Version

We have great news for you..

Our team developed a trial version of Magic Members WordPress Membership plugin. You can download and use it for 7 days for free.

All you need is to visit the following page and fill in the form. It takes only a few seconds.

Download Trial Version of Magic Members Now

Please do not forget, your purchase email address will be your activation key. The trial version is fully functional, after 7 days, if you decide to purchase a license, you won’t lose any data.

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  • Joyce E. Manning says:

    Great to see you have a trial version available because I’ve always wanted to try this plug-in. I have a few quick questions that other people might have too.

    You say that if I decide to purchase a license I won’t lose any data. Does this mean that I need to export all of my data before the seven days are up? I don’t know how much this really matters because I am not going to make a fully functioning membership site in seven days but if I do import some data for testing purposes or have specific content that I want to keep this might be an issue.

    My other question is about the purchase email address. I know it will be my activation key but if I decide to purchase Magic members I probably won’t use the same email address as the one I input when requesting the seven-day trial version. Is there an easy way to change my activation email address inside of the plug-in?

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