An Overview of the Magic Members Sales Report Feature

The Magic Members WordPress plugin offers a simple, yet vital sales reporting feature that is easy to overlook. There are four main focal points, in terms of the data collected that will help you judge the current and future health of your membership site. All of these sales reports can be found in the same are within the Admin section, however they all serve different functions. Here is a quick overview of each feature and how to use them most effectively.

Subscriptions Sales

This portion of the sales report feature is pretty straightforward. It will allow you to track all of your subscription sales for whatever time interval you choose. It is important to note that this function is only valuable if you are using the subscription model for your membership site, as it does not include any pay-per-post purchases. The best use of this feature is to give you a big-picture view of how your membership site is functioning. While keeping current members on board is important, you should never overestimate the importance of bringing in new members.

Pay-Per-Post Purchases

The next set of features is related to the pay-per-post purchases. Just like the subscription sales feature, this only includes information only about pay-per-post sales. This section is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First, it will let you know which content is being purchased most frequently. If you are also selling packages that include multiple posts, then this section will provide you with additional insight as to which packages are the most popular. You should also keep track of your most popular content because you can gain insight as to what your readers are most willing to pay for. This information can be used to develop a more effective content creation program going forward.

Total Earnings

This may seem redundant since you can already see your subscription sales and pay-per-post purchases, but there is an extra piece of information which is vital. Total earnings also include ongoing subscriptions which were previously purchased. This information gives you a much larger picture of how much your membership site is earning because it combines current sales with the residual monthly income as well. Essentially, this information reflects the overall health of your membership site.

Project Reports

The projection reports are a key function that many WordPress membership site plugins don’t have. The reports generated by the Magic Members plugin will allow you track both the growth and decline of your website. This is incredibly important because it can give you advanced warning that your membership sales or recurring subscribers may be faltering. With this information in-hand quickly, you can make any necessary adjustments to get back on track. The projection reports are also incredibly valuable if you plan on selling your membership site because it will give you additional leverage as the seller because you can give the buyer an accurate expectation of what they will earn.

The Magic Members sales report feature may not be the most glamorous features of the plugin, but it can quickly become one of the most valuable. Plus, you can export all of this data into a spreadsheet or PDF so that you can add this information to a master financial statement for your business.

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  • Taylor says:

    The sales report features for this plug-in are simple yet comprehensive at the same time. While you do not get the most robust reporting features with this plug-in, you get everything you need without the extra noise. The two points I would like to expand on from this post are total earnings and project reports. The total earnings are easy to overlook but critical because they lay the foundation for the future projections of the membership site since they include both new purchases as well as total earnings from current subscriptions.

    The projection reports are also essential because they provide a simple way to see how your membership site is doing compared to previous quarters or months as well as project the growth or decline of your membership site based upon previous successes. While there are a number of tools out there that offer sales projections it’s nice to have one built into the membership plug-in because it saves time and provides the key information you need at a glance rather than having to sort through Excel spreadsheets.

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