Magic Members Reviews

Magic Members Reviews

Magic Members is a one of the well-known WordPress membership plugins to create a membership website. Since we created Magic Members, February, 2009. we added lots of features and improvements in this time frame. We released more than 200 versions. Our developer team is working on the V.2.0 in order to make Magic Members to make more stable, more fast and light-weight software.

Magic Members Review & Quick Setup Video

Magic Members Review

We love our customers and value their reviews.

Our Membership plugin for WordPress works so good for our customers that they go out of their way to write Megic Members reviews on their own and send them to us.

Here are a few of the unsolicited Magic Members Reviews that our customers have sent to us … we hope they’ll be helpful to you:

Magic Members saved me time and money. I was able setup my membership site all by myself without needing a webmaster. Thank You!

Jennice Flawn

Magic Members has a really clean design that makes setting up a membership site incredibly easy. It has lots of direct payment gateway integrations.


The interface is intuitive, very easy to use! No technical know-how is required. Now my site is up and running and making money. And the support service is very efficient, they assisted me in additional doubts I had in a timely manner.

John Franco


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  • Thank you for the quick set up video. It gave me a good idea of what to expect if I choose to use this plug-in to manage my membership site. I can’t believe this plug-in has been around for so long and I am just now starting to consider it. I view several other WordPress membership plug-ins before although most of them were made by third-party publishers that did not create a WordPress specific solution but rather just a plug-in for immigration purposes.
    The video makes it look like setting up this plug-in will be pretty quick and painless compared to some of my previous experiences. I really like how easy it is to set up multiple payment gateways as well as the pay per post option. I have a lot of content on my website that I want to start charging a pay per post fee on and have always been worried it would take a long time to set up. Looking at what your plug-in offers it seems like this would be of fairly quick process.

  • There are lots of dishonest customers, unfortunately. We sell digital products, they purchase download and open a dispute on PayPal even for $5 item. We ban them forever and don’t let them purchase any products from us. You should do the same to protect your company from dishonest people.

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