Magic Members Makes eWay Integration Easy

Over the past several years, eWay has made a huge surge in providing merchants with a truly international payment processor. Along the way, they have garnered a number of awards. The problem that many merchants have had, especially for membership sites, is actually integrating the processor into their website. The Magic Members plugin now makes eWay integration easier than ever.

How to Integrate eWay With Your Membership Site

With Magic Member, the eWay integration process can be completed within a matter of minutes. Once you go to the payment gateway section of the plugin, all you have to do is enter your account details and activate it. Once this is done, your membership site will automatically add eWay to your customers checkout options.

Why Use eWay?

If you haven’t chosen your payment processor or simply want to add another option for your customers, then eWay provides an excellent solution. Since 2008, they have garnered a number of awards including:

  • Telstra ACT Business of the Year
  • MYOB ACT Small Business of the Year
  • CeBIT Platinum Award for Excellence in Technology Services (several times)
  • Deloitte Canberra BusinessPoint Sales Growth Award
  • Along with being a finalist in a handful of other awards as well.

During this time, they have also signed a number of major agreements with banks to ensure that you can truly handle an international base of members. Some of the most recent agreements have been with major banks in New Zealand, CitiBank, UK Banks, and many more. They have also partnered with to streamline the sign up process and improve communications with merchants. They have even developed a very successful iPhone Payment App, so your members can sign up and make payments via their mobile phone.

Integrating eWay into your membership site is particularly useful if you have a number of members based in Australia. They have agreements with every major Australian bank including: WestPac, St. George, NAB, CommonWeatlh, BankSA, and BankWest.

Along with an excellent processing center, they are perfect for online businesses because of their advanced reporting system. You get access to every possible report that is needed to run a membership site including: transaction reports, settlement reports, enterprise reports, schedule reports, and you can even create custom reports so that you always get the information that you need. With a membership site, these reports are incredibly important so that you can track key statistics, like your attrition rate, to maximize your profit potential.

With the Magic Members plugin, eWay integration couldn’t be any easier.

  • Elis says:

    Hi, Please, can I use MagicMembers pluggin in a Wix website??


  • eWay has been around for a long time compared to a lot of the popular payment processors today, particularly in North America. This is not a payment processor I have considered using before. Looking at the website it seems like they have a ton of different add-ons you can use to integrate it into most word press solutions as well as general websites. It looks like there are only a few WordPress specific membership plug-ins eWay integrates with which is surprising, but it is not surprising magic members is listed as an approved add-on.

    It is nice to know both the magic members development team as well as the eWay team will be able to help with any integration problems that may pop up. There is nothing worse than a plug-in developer blaming someone else if there is an integration problem because no one ends up finding a solution for it. Since magic members is an approved add-on it seems like there is very little risk this would be a problem with eWay.

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