Magic Members Gives You Complete Control Over Your Members

Are you finally ready to turn your WordPress blog into a professional and profitable membership website?  Magic Members is the perfect solution.  If you can create the content, Magic Members can take care of the rest.  Magic Members is a fantastic plugin that allows any webmaster to tailor their website so that only paying customers can access the content.  The best part is that you can create multiple membership levels and even set up a pay-per-post option.

Magic Members creates a secure website to do much more than protect personal data, but also protect against your paid content from being found through direct URL links.  This ensures also ensures that your premium content also does not show up in search engines, which is critical to preventing people from accessing your content without paying.  The best part, is that if someone tries to access your premium content, they will be sent to a sales page instead of a boring “Access Denied” message.  This is a great way to make additional sales without any additional effort.

An added bonus is that while you keep your premium content away from search engines, you can still create great organic traffic.  By placing “snippets” or partial pieces of your content for everyone to access, your website will still be indexed and ranked by websites.  For example, you can make the first two or three paragraphs of premium content available to everyone.  The search engines will index it and when someone visits your content, they will be able to read the first few paragraphs, which will entice them to at least purchase the single article (pay per post).  Hopefully, once they have found the value in the content that they have purchased, they can purchases a full membership to your website to access the rest of it.

With complete customer control at your fingertips, you can even create a protected download area.  This gives you a number of options.  The most common options are to either add a protected download area to the rest of the premium content, or to only create a protected download area, while leaving the rest of content available to everyone.  A little used tactic is to create both a paid and free download area.  The free area can have viral reports as well as the first few pages or first chapter of the ebooks that are in your protected download area.  Once you have wet their appetite with the free chapter, they are more likely to pay for access to the protected download area.

Magic Members gives you the flexibility to do anything that you would want from a WordPress membership plugin.  It allows you to create the perfect balance of free content and paid content, while ensuring the overall security of your premium content.

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