Magic Members Allows For Seamless Integration

So you found your new WordPress membership plugin, have your website almost set up, but then the worst happens.  You find out that your plugin is not compatible your affiliate management program, or your list building program, or a number of other essential tools.  Magic Members was designed to fulling integrate with a variety of essential tools.  Magic Members has already proven to be one of the best stand along WordPress membership plugins, but it also plays well with others.

Even a 1st grader knows that the easiest way to get something done, is to have someone else do it for you.  The most successful membership websites have a slew of affiliate out promoting them.  Unfortunately, many WordPress membership plugins have severe compatibility problems when affiliate tracking software is added.  Magic Members can be fully integrated with one of the most powerful WordPress affiliate tracking software on the market – Magic Affiliate.  This allows you to build, track, and pay a giant sales force of affiliates who are all trying to make you money.

Another important plugin that is often not compatible with membership plugins are security plugins that help manage your security.  Magic Members is can be fully integrated with the Magic Kicker plugin.  This plugin picks up where every membership plugin falls short.  Magic Kicker does a number of tasks to ensure that your membership site is locked down like a maximum security prison.

It will make sure that people do not share login information and try to access your site simultaneously.  It will also only allow one IP address per login.  Magic Kicker also has a variety of settings that can ensure you website is completely secure.  You can even lockout accounts and access blocked members information from the control panel.

Compatibility is a critical but often overlooked issue when it comes to choosing a membership website plugin.  However, without a compatible plugin, you could lose a large number of extra features that need for a successful website.  Magic Members was designed to eliminate your concern and make sure that you never have compatibility issues again.

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