Magic Members 1ShoppingCart Integration

1ShoppingCart Integration Takes Seconds With Magic Members

1ShoppingCart integration can be difficult with some WordPress membership plugins, but Magic Members allows you get it done within a matter of seconds. Once you are in the payment gateway manager, all you have to do is enter your account information and activate it. This will not only allow you to use 1ShoppingCart to accept payments, but you can also add multiple payment gateways for your members to choose from.

1ShoppingCart has been around since 1999 and was created so that you can manage every aspect of your eCommerce business from a central location. This will not only help you improve your time efficiency, but also save money. All of their best-in class servers have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means that you never have to worry about your members payments not getting processed quickly and correctly. Plus, they are one of the few online credit card processors who hold 3rd party security audits on a yearly basis. This means that you can rest easy knowing the your information and
your members information is safe and sound.

You can also analyze statistics to determine exactly where and when a member decides not to make a purchase.

Another huge benefit of 1ShoppingCart integration with your membership site is that it fully supports automated recurring billing. You can either set up an auto-rebill or manually set it up. As an added bonus, if you manage your affiliate program through 1ShoppingCart, you can set up the commissions to only come off of the first purchase.

When you integrate 1ShoppingCart with Magic Members, you can easily use any of their 50+ payment gateways. You can even use off line credit card processing whenever needed. This is particularly useful when a credit card is declined. Along with off line processing, you can also automatically offer your members alternate payment options if their credit card is ever declined.

1ShoppingCart has been in the business of providing comprehensive online merchant solutions, and it shows. They provide a vast array of tools to make sure that you can do pretty much anything you want with very little technical knowledge. The best part is that you can also integrate their shopping cart from within your members area so that you can sell physical products to your members.

With so many tools at your disposal, it is vital that you use a WordPress membership plugin that will allow you to seamlessly integrate all of the tools that they offer. The Magic Members plugin has been designed to do just that.

  • Dick Taney says:

    I want to create a wordpress membership site. I know Magic Members is compatible with Paypal Pro. Is it compatible with the new Payflow version of Paypal Pro which is all Paypal offers anymore?

    Please let me know

  • how do I buy the plugin cartõa with mastercard? the 2checkout only accepts visa card.

  • You can purchase Magic Members via your mastercard now.

  • I have considered using 1ShoppingCart on several occasions but have never taken the plunge. I like the idea of using multiple payment gateways to see if it will increase conversions or enhance customer retention. At the same time, since I can add most of the payment gateways manually I don’t know that 1ShoppingCart will offer much benefit.

    All of my websites are solely member based meaning I don’t sell products independent of the membership subscription. As a result, 1ShoppingCart may not be helpful. If anyone has any experience using this shopping card with a membership site it would be interesting to hear whether or not it is necessary. Generally, my biggest issue is it seems like an unnecessary expense and an extra step in the website set up process that doesn’t seem particularly beneficial. I could see how it would be helpful if I started using a pay per post income model which I have been considering. Any input would be appreciated.

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