Magic Members 1.6. Welcomes You with Great Features

We’re glad to announce you that version 1.6 is out.
So, what’s new with the latest update:

– Completely new registration process.
From now on, you will have all registration process on the front side of your site. No more WordPress back end.

– New shortcode and page URL support.
You will have Register, Profile, Transactions, Login and Lost Password on the front end your website.

– Roles and Capabilities support.
Actually more than that. With version 1.6 you will have built-in Roles and Capabilities module. You won’t need to install other plugins and experience compatibility issues. You can create custom roles and attach them to any subscription pack you want.

– Custom E-mail Templates section got wider.
Here’s the full list of customizable e-mails:

Subscription Expiration Email Reminder Template
Registration Email Template
Post Purchase Payment Template
Subscription Payment Template
Payment Failed Template
Payment Pending Template
Payment Error Template
Payment Status Unknown Template
Subscription Cancelled Template
Retrieve Password Template

– Expiration date for your downloads. We also added new shortcodes based on your requests. Here’s the list:
Where 2 is the ID of the download file:
[download#2] : Download link
[download#2#image] : Image Download link
[download#2#button] : Button Download link
[download#2#size] : Download link with filesize
[download#2#url] : Download url only

– Completely customizable custom user fields.
We created more flexible system based on the feedbacks we received. We also added HTML as an Input Type so you can add pictures or videos to the registration page.

Another exciting new feature is “separate registration pages for separate membership levels”.
When you create your membership levels, you will receive a shortcode to use them in any page you want. If you created a custom page and only put a redirect link for your specific subscription pack registration, we also generate a link for you to use.

– Extended coupon support.
We added “Usage Limit” and “Expire Date” for the coupons. Coupons also can be used (if you enable) when your members want to Extend or Upgrade their account.

– A lot of new shortcodes, hooks and filters.
They will be ready for you to use in your docs folder.

Stay tuned for the next version of Magic Members. A lot of new features coming up:

– New payment gateways:
1ShoppingCart, infusionsoft, Eway and Google Checkout.

– New Autoresponders:
1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft

– Separate autoresponder lists for membership levels.

– Member search module.

  • My favorite new feature in 1.6 is that there is no more need for subscribers to access the WordPress backend; how to work that out cause me (some) sleepless nights… so thanks that you implemented that, great stuff! The other new things I am still discovering, so I cannot comment on those just yet.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Eduardo says:

    I can’t barely wait to see it working, I’m about to upgrade it and I agree with Steffen since I’ve been using other plugins to mask the WordPress back end.

    The new Roles and Capabilities module sounds great. I kind of got tired of searching for a plugin to accomplish this capability.

    I’d like to suggest some kind of way to get the upgrade’s notification along with the normal WordPress plugin notifications, since most of the time I don’t check my Magic Members’ dashboard, so I just don’t know when a new version is available.

    On the other hand, it could be nice to have the complete version # showing up on the MM dashboard, in other words, when I upgraded it from 1.4 to 1.5.25 the dashboard was showing only 1.5 instead of 1.5.25 which might cause some confusion.

    Keep up the good work! You’re doing a great job!

  • Gentleman Mask says:

    I agree. I’m finding it hard to use your system because there aren’t instructions to follow to the T. I had to guess and over write the previous installation via FTP. But I can’t tell if it did anything because it still lists 1.6 as the version. Can you fix this?

  • malbar says:

    how can I update it !

  • Taylor says:

    Switching the entire registration process to the front of the website might be my favorite part of this update. Not that I mind working in the backend but it will be a lot easier to set up and customize the registration process on the front side of the website.
    The addition of all of the templates as exciting as well. This will save a lot of time especially when setting up a new website. Plus, customizing each of the templates seems fairly straightforward and exporting the templates and uploading them across multiple membership sites will save a lot of time. I particularly like the added payment related templates because it gives website owners additional reasons to contact members and remind them to come back to the website.
    A quick tip for people who want to customize their download short codes is to upload your own images in place of the images provided by the plug-in. This is an easy way to give your membership site a more personalized feel.

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