Magic Members – Simplifying Membership Management

When it comes to creating secure content, there are a variety of free and commercial plugins available.  The one shortcoming that most of them have in common is that they do allow webmaster to effectively manage their members.  Magic Members offers complete control over the memberships, which simplifies managing members as much as possible.  There are several features in Magic Members that make managing your members easier than every before.

Organizing Members – Account Types

The Magic Members plugin classifies your members in two distinct ways, account types and subscriptions.  Account types are a way to organize your members based on what account type they currently have.  An example of common account types include: Guests (someone who has not yet subscribed), Trial (You can set up whatever parameters you want for the trial, including making it either free or paid), and Member (This includes all types of currently paying members).

You have the freedom to add additional account types to further sort your members, as well as maximize your content.  One of the most common utilizations of account types is: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum or Basic and Premium.  All of these account types are applied to the members profile and ensures that they only get to access the content that you have given them access to.

Organizing Members – Subscriptions

The second way that you can manage your members is by their subscription.  You have the ability to set up whatever type of subscription you want for every account type.  This includes weekly, monthly, bi-annual, yearly, and even life-time subscriptions.  This is particularly useful if you are testing out different subscriptions in order to maximize your profits.  You can even set up coupons so that you can track different advertising methods or to give a discount to people on a certain mailing list.

Picking Up Where Other Fall Short

It is critical that you allows have full control over your members.  One of the major shortfalls that many other membership plugins have is that they do not allow to control both the account types and subscriptions, but rather tie them together with limited options to alter them.  Magic Members have found a way to give you full control over your account types, subscriptions, and member management.

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  • E says:

    Thanks for a great plug In.

    Regarding Account Types management is there a possibility to assign users more than one account type (i.e. be a gold and silver member at the same time)?

    This is important for sites who organize their content in packets rather than in a hierarchy. Some members could only view content from group A, others could view group A and B. Is it easly managed from the membership dashboard?

    Your reply is much appreciated

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