Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

A High-Level Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

There are a lot of different ways to decide what affiliate plugin is best for an ecommerce website. This particularly Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin review is going to take a high-level or top-level approach. Rather taking a “how-to” style approach, this review focuses on how the Magic Affiliate plugin fits into the big picture of an online marketing and affiliate recruitment strategy.

Time Savings

The most important resource of any online website manager, especially and ecommerce website manager, is time. As such, the first aspect of the Magic Affiliate plugin to consider is how much of an impact it will have on time availability. This plugin allows for automatic mass PayPal payments. This is a huge time-saver. Paying affiliates can be a time-intensive process so any way to save time on this process is a welcome benefit. Along with the ability to set up automatic mass payments via PayPal, it also allows for recurring commissions. This means once a recurring commission is setup, website owners never have to worry about affiliates going unpaid for previous customer recruitment. An added bonus is the ability to set minimum payout amounts.

Affiliate Management Flexibility

Any successful affiliate recruiter knows that some affiliates stand out from the rest. The most successful affiliates often require access to additional resources or higher commission rates in order to promote a product because they know that they will generate a significant revenue stream for the product owner.

The Magic Affiliate plugin offers several key affiliate management tools which provide enhanced flexibility. For example, it allows for individual commission levels. This is critical for attracting top affiliates. The custom affiliate panel can be used to send messages to top affiliates. The custom affiliate panel also allows for top affiliates to get access to additional marketing tools upon their request.


It is impossible to successfully manage affiliates without accurate reporting. Accurate reporting not only ensures they are paid the correct amount but also dictates future decisions. For example, if a website owner notices most of their affiliates are not generating a lot of traffic, additional resources could be created. Fundamentally, reporting will drive future decisions of any business owner. The Magic Affiliate not only offers a robust set of reporting capabilities but also allows for real-time reporting. This ensures managers are getting the most up to date information available.

Long Term Management

A key high-level capability of an effective affiliate management WordPress plugin is the ability manage affiliates over the long-term. This not only requires flexibility of the tools necessary to leverage flexible features appropriately. For example, Magic Affiliate allows for each integration with WooCommerce, WP-eCommerce, Magic Members, and five different autoresponders. This means the plugin is designed with long-term website management and affiliate management in mind. Regardless of which direction the website model and affiliate management model shifts to, the Magic Affiliate plugin already has the capabilities built-in to accommodate it. This helps minimize transition time and limits the odds of a model-shift to break the website or the affiliate management plugin.

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  • Kellee S. Johnson says:

    I’ve use the magic members plug-in for a while but haven’t tried the affiliate plug-in yet. I know it is the same developer so I’m sure integration is in a problem but don’t know if adding affiliates is right for my membership site. I have put very little effort into marketing my membership sites and rely primarily on referrals from current members. I could see how adding affiliates, even if the affiliates were current members, could be beneficial.
    This plug-in might be worth a look because one of the main reasons I haven’t added affiliate programs is because they seem like they could take up a lot of time which I tend to spend creating new websites. I know PayPal is a popular option for a lot of people but I have ran into problems with them in the past and am hesitant to rely on them for my entire website. It might be different if I just transfer money and in order to pay affiliates but again there is a time cost involved with that.

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