Forex Membership Websites

Forex Membership Websites

Forex Membership Websites

The 3 Most Common Types of Forex Membership Websites and Why Each is Successful

Forex is a popular topic among veteran traders alike. It is a market in which participants buy, sell, and exchange currencies of all types. Currently, the forex market is considered to be the largest financial market in the world and it processes trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions every day. While large banks are still considered to be the largest traders, the decentralized nature has made it extremely popular among day traders as well. With so much action, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover there are a growing number of successful forex membership sites. The most successful forex membership websites can be broken down into three basic categories which are all profitable in different ways.

Direct Forex Training

The most obvious type of forex membership site is the direct training website. These membership sites range from introduction courses to very advanced forex training. A majority of the training involved specific trading strategies and how to use the best forex tools to successful day trade currencies such as scalping, position trading, swing trading, and news trading. Some forex membership sites are successful simply by providing more fundamental training in a way that is easier for new traders to digest in comparison to just reading blog posts. The added level of organization simplifies their learning process.

On the other end of the spectrum are forex training membership websites that are focused on providingvery detailed, advanced trading strategies and how to implement them. Both of these types of membership sites are not successful, necessary, because of their content but rather how the content is organized and presented.

Daily Forex Tips or Forex Trade Alerts

The second common type of forex membership website is the daily forex tips or trade alerts site. In most costs, the membership site is more of a live-alert or newsletter style membership site. For active trading strategies, such as scalping, the trade alerts may be sent via text or push notification. This type of membership site is successful because it provides up-to- the-minute information regarding forex markets. At the same time, it is important that only serious webmasters attempt this type of website because it will require a significant amount of time every day to provide real time alerts. Plus, since the alerts may be based on certain trading strategies, the membership base may be more limited – although more loyal.

Affiliate or Secondary Product-Based Membership Sites

The final type of successful forex membership site is the affiliate or secondary-product membership site. This type of membership site often features a free membership tier. In fact, sometimes the only membership tier available is free. This gets consumers engaged with the website while minimizing their purchasing resistance. These types of membership sites rely on other secondary products or affiliate product promotion in order to generate income. The benefit of this type of membership site is it will be more evergreen the other two options. Plus, many affiliate offers within the forex world offer recurring income even though the membership site itself does not charge recurring membership fees.

  • I’ve always thought about starting a Forex membership website but haven’t been able to decide on what method of monetization would work best for me. This post is three really good ideas that seem to complement each other. What I mean by this is you could easily create a membership site that does more than one of these methods.

    One thing I find frustrating in the Forex niche (and the investing niche in general) is the number of people who have no idea what they’re talking about but still decide to start a membership site. It looks really obvious to people who understand the industry when the website owner doesn’t know what they’re talking about or relies solely on PLR content that seems to be everywhere. These websites seem to rely on the affiliate or secondary product strategy because they don’t have the experience or knowledge to actually provide training or trade alerts.

    I think some combination of training and trade alerts/tips might be a good fit for the type of content I create – particularly in the member’s area. Most of my membership sites also have a free section and that’s where the affiliate products or secondary products would probably be most effective.

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