How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Membership Website

How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Membership Website

How to Use Facebook Ads to Distribute Content and Promote Your Membership Website

The most profitable membership websites not only create value for pain members but also provide a free
preview of the content potential members will get access to. One way to do this is by offering a free trial but
the strategy which has consistently proven effective is to offer both free and paid content. The issue new
membership websites run into is no one is viewing the free content so there is no incentive for potential
members to sign up. And easy way to distribute and promote your website content is using Facebook ads.
Fortunately, creating and implementing effective Facebook ads to distribute content doesn’t have to be
difficult, overwhelming, or expensive if you follow these simple steps.

Set Your Budget

The first step is setting your budget. Setting your advertising budget on Facebook not only allows you to limit
your investment and test different types of strategies but also helps you decide which type of content to
promote. For example, if you are only spending $20 a day on Facebook advertising and there is no reason to
spend hundreds of dollars on the content you will be promoting. It would be better to place your more
expensive content within the members area of the membership website. Fortunately, you can get started
with Facebook ads with as little as $1 per day.

Create or Choose Relevant Content

The second step is creating relevant content or choosing relevant content from your current content
inventory. When selecting the content, you will promote it is important to ask yourself who the content is for
and why it is worth their time to consume it. Most people choose to simply answer common questions from
potential members or solve a pain point related to the membership website itself. On Facebook, some of the
most effective content are short videos or a visual banner ad which leads to a piece of content. The fastest
way to generate content for Facebook is by taking your current content and turning it into a video of 90
seconds or less. When selecting content, it is also important to make sure there is a call to action that can be
seamlessly added to the end of the video.

Analyze Your Ongoing Results

As you begin to run ads on Facebook it will quickly become obvious which content is providing the best
results and highest conversion rates per dollar spent. For most people, this will be either video, written, or
some sort of life content. The backend of Facebook will provide an incredible amount of data for each piece
of content you post including reach, engagement, and engagement rate which you can use to analyze which
advertising is most effective.

Cut and Repurpose Your Poorly Performing Content

The final step is cutting and repurpose in your poorly performing content. Just because your content didn’t
perform well on Facebook doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable as a piece of your marketing toolkit. It just means
that it isn’t the best option for a social platform. Keep in mind that Facebook will often try to get you to boost
your posts which are performing well but in this case it’s best to ignore Facebook’s advice and focus on the
content that is already working because your poorly performing content can be effectively used elsewhere at
a lower cost.

Using Facebook as to distribute content and promote your membership website doesn’t have to be difficult,
overwhelming, or expensive. While you can make each of these steps much more complicated, which may be
beneficial as your campaigns become larger, each step can be kept relatively simple as you are launching your
initial WordPress membership website.

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