Epoch Magic Members Integration

Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Epoch Magic Members Integration?

The Magic Members WordPress membership plugin recently integrated Epoch as one of the standard payment processing modules. Some people already know first hand what Epoch is all about, while others are still left wondering. Here is a quick look at what Epoch has to offer and how you can set it up from your Payment Options panel.

What is Epoch All About?

Epoch has more than a decade of experience as a 3rd party payment processor. They are currently the only IPSP to offer client and customer support all day, every day though live chat, email, and of course the telephone. Currently, Epoch offers 9 different international and local payment types in a variety of currencies.

Why Does Epoch Stand Out?

Epoch stands out because unlike almost every other IPSP, they do not require you to keep a certain percentage of your revenue in reserve. This means you will get all of your money when you need it, rather than having to wait up to 6 months for it to clear you account.

How Much Does Epoch Charge Per Transaction?

Depending on your gross weekly volume, the rate is between 15% and 13%. You will be sent all of your payments every Friday, with a one week delay in order to finalize sales. If you use their affiliate program, all of the commissions will be automatically paid to your affiliates, for no additional fee. Additionally, the include the affiliate program software, a variety of premium features, and risk management/fraud protection for free.

How to Integrate Epoch With Magic Members?

Integrating Epoch with Magic Members couldn’t be much easier. To activate it as a payment module, you need to go to the Payment Options tab → Payment Modules and click on the enable tab. This will create an Epoch tab in which you enter the necessary details.

These details include things like your reseller code (if you have one), company code, and you can also create a custom email template for customers once they have made a payment. You can even have Magic Members send Epoch your customers username and password so that it can be included with their payment confirmation email.

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