Educational Membership Websites

Educational Membership Websites

Educational Membership Websites

6 Reasons Educational Membership Websites Are Successful

Educational membership sites can be a great way to generate income online. In the broader context, many of the membership sites online are educational in some way. The reasons educational websites are successful apply to both education-specific websites as well as membership sites that primarily exist to provide education on specific topics.

1. Multiple Online Courses

The first reason educational membership websites are successful is because they provide an easy way to offer multiple online courses in one or more niches. This allows the website to continually boost credibility and build a brand. While single-course membership sites can be successful, every new product or training product requires a new website and new brand. It is much easier to build a single, successful brand than manage multiple brands simultaneously.

2. Interactive Learning Components

A benefit of educational membership sites compared to generic training courses is the ability to add interactive learning components. Adding videos, quizzes, and learning goals ensures students will gain a better understanding of the content while also making the learning process more enjoyable. Even if the training is excellent many students or members will fall short of completing the course because they lose interest. A more interactive learning environment goes a long way in minimizing this.

3. Active Purchase Points

The third reason education membership website are successful is they have inherent, active purchase points. Once an introduction level course is complete, it is easy to transition students into a more advanced course with less friction during the purchase process. Plus, it is easier for website owners to build a course in a manner that provides complete information while also leaving out more advanced information which offers apparent benefits.

4. Easy to Monetize Evergreen Content with Minimal Updates

Depending on the topic area, another benefit of educational membership sites is the simplicity of monetizing evergreen content. Most topics do not require massive content overhauls on a regular basis. Rather than posting evergreen content on a blog to generate traffic which hopefully leads to conversions, using the best evergreen content within the course not only ensures consumer satisfaction but also builds authority which can be leveraged for additional future purchases.

5. “Graduating” Lends Itself to Gamification

Gamification has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate recurring consumers that stay engaged with the product. The ability to “graduate” from one course or topic to another makes educational websites an ideal way to utilize gamification and generate loyal, repeat buyers.

6. Comparatively Easy to Leverage Other Professionals

The final reason educational membership sites are successful is they are an easy way to leverage the experience, credibility, and knowledge of other professionals. They can create entire courses or a single module for a training course for a small percentage of the profits or simply to boost their brand. This is a much more profitable use of other people’s content than simply offering guest posting opportunities on a website as they lead to direct monetization rather than passive monetization. There are a lot of different ways to monetize a membership site but educational membership sites consistently generate more income and are more successful than traditional one-product membership sites because they offer the benefits of a large authority website with a more direct monetization method.

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  • Jennifer J. Steadman says:

    I think the term educational membership website has become very broad over the last few years. A lot of the reasons you list are true of many different types of membership sites – not just educational websites. At the same time, there are two reasons I wanted to talk about a little more because I think they make excellent points.

    The first is the idea of offering multiple online courses in a single membership site. A lot of Internet marketers create completely new websites every time they release a product. While this makes sense from a branding perspective, especially if the products are related, adding all of the products to a single online education membership site makes a lot of sense because you can leverage your authority in the niche and previously satisfied customers to promote your new product – even if you decide to sell it by itself separate from the website.

    The other comment I want to make is that interactive learning components can be difficult to master. Just adding interactive components for the sake of having them can make an education membership site feel clunky. While I agree, they do add value, they should only be implemented if the website owner knows what they’re doing.

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