Combining the Download Manager and Partial Content Display For Maximum Effectiveness

Magic Members gives you the ability to create teaser content that is publicly viewable.  The ultimate goal of this is to get them interested in the content within your membership site.  This alone can be a very effective way to increase interest in your site, pre-sell potential members, and boost conversions.  While text alone can be great, combining the download manager with the partial content display can be devastatingly effective.  Here is a quick look at a few different ways that you can combine these two concepts to achieve maximum results.

1. Just Out of Reach

The first strategy is to place the download just below the content that is publicly viewable.  All you need to do is use the partial content display so that every can see your entire post, except the actual download.  This can be incredibly effective, especially if you are using the pay per post model.  That way, you can do all of the pre-selling in the actual content and then have people pay for the download.  This is also effective at recruiting traditional members as well, especially if your membership site is primarily geared around downloads.

2. Half Video

Another popular method is the half video technique.  With this strategy, you will create a single video and split it into two pieces.  The first half of the video will be available to the public and the second video is only available members.  Along with the video, you can add a number of downloads such as the audio track, PDF transcript, or helpful worksheets.  This is a great strategy for membership sites that primarily geared towards training or instructing members.  It can be equally effective for both pay per post and traditional membership sites.

3. Sample Download

During the pre-launch phase, there have been a number of promotions in which the product maker would release a single chapter of their product to the general public.  This is done so that everyone can get a taste of what they get once they purchase the product.  This same strategy can be used with the download manager and partial content display features as well.  You can create a downloadable file for the general public that is a small portion (normally less than 10%) of a months worth of content.  This will give them a good idea about what your site has to offer.  Plus, you can add banner ads and other advertising to the content in order to improve conversions and brand awareness as well.

It is important to note that these two strategies can be used within your membership as well.  By doing this, you can create a compelling reason for people to upgrade their membership status.  Instead of completely locking away the content of premium tiers, you can add content teasers for to get basic members to upgrade their membership status.

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  • The crew says:

    On my websites, I have a separate blog which is available to the public rather than using teaser content but I like some the ideas you talked about. I have seen the sample download used a lot, in fact I take advantage of this feature on Amazon fairly often when looking at books to purchase.

    The idea you talk about that really interests me is the half video idea. While I am sure I have seen this before it never really stuck in my head is an option to use on my membership site. I have a lot of YouTube videos where they could be a single video but I chose to split them into a short series. I think having one or two videos freely available and the rest of the series behind the paid content wall could be a great way to use this feature. While it isn’t the traditional half video method it could be just as effective. I think this is something I will definitely try in the near future. Thanks for the idea!

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