How Using Custom Fields Will Directly Benefit Your Membership Site

Custom Fields Will Directly Benefit Your Membership Site

Many WordPress plugins offer the ability to use custom fields in one way or another. With membership site plugins this capability is particularly important to utilize because it offers a variety of benefits. The key is knowing when to use customer fields, which ones provide the most benefits, and how using them will affect your membership site.

Types of Custom Fields

There are a variety of different types of custom fields you can use on your membership site, especially when it comes to formatting your content, but in terms of membership site management there are two types of custom fields that are particularly important. They are user fields and customer registration fields. Both of these types of fields dictate the information you collect from your members and the information they can share with other members.

Why Using Custom Fields is Beneficial

1. Makes It Easier to Collect Data

One of the biggest benefits of using custom fields during the registration process is you can collect more data about members. Not only that, but if you offer a free trial you can collect information about hot leads so you can follow up with them later. A large percentage of most membership sites that offer a free trial still have problems converting those members into paying customers. By collecting data outside of basic contact data gives you an opportunity to gain a more complete profile of the people who choose to stay and who leave after the free trial period is over. After you have enough data, you will be able to better target your marketing campaigns because you can identify your most profitable demographics.

2. Provides Greater Control to Minimize Friction and Boost Conversions

On the other hand, you can use custom fields to gather the most important data while minimizing you friction during the signup process. For example, you may want to know what country or state a member is from but that doesn’t mean you need their exact address or phone number. Most people are happy to tell you where they are from but are hesitant to hand out their specific address. By using customer fields you can choose exactly what data is most important to you while simultaneously eliminating sign-up friction. This not only increases sign-ups but also gives you a longer period of time to convert browsers into buyers.

3. Makes It Easier to Merge Member Information Into Autoresponder

The final benefit of using custom fields is you have greater control when you export data to third party applications. The most common example of this is autoresponders. You can quickly set up your custom fields to mirror the data your autoresponder service requires. This not only makes data migration easier but also ensures you are not asking for information that will go to waste.

There is no end to how you can use custom fields within your membership site. Everything from the initial signup process to long-term user profiles can be directly affected by custom fields if you utilize them correctly. The key is knowing exactly what information you need and what you can do without.

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  • Jared B. Hey says:

    Custom fields have become an essential part of online marketing whether you have a membership site or not. There is a key idea in your first point that needs to be emphasized. It is that custom fields allow you to gather more than just contact data. Being able to contact your members is obviously important but the additional data you gather can be essential to better identify your target market and tailor you content and deliver to them. This type of data should include demographic and socio-economic data. This type of data makes it much easier to nail down your target market and better design your “perfect customer”.
    I also like you point about integrating custom field data into your autoresponder. It is amazing how many people fail to leverage the data they have on their members to customize content and create a more personalized experience. Using the right combination of custom fields is essential to achieving this.

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