How to Create a Successful Landing Page for Your Membership Site

How to Create a Successful Landing Page for Your Membership Site

Create a Successful Landing Page for Your Membership Site

Creating a successful landing page for your membership site is not difficult but it also is not easy. Every month new tools are introduced to maximize conversions, improve landing page design, and drive traffic. For many this makes the prospect of creating a successful landing page for a membership site is truly daunting. Fortunately, anyone can create a successful landing page for their membership site if they follow four basic guidelines. Keep in mind that while the guidelines are widely applicable how they are used for specific landing pages will vary.

A Landing Page is Not a Sales Page

The first guideline is to understand that a landing page is not a sales page. This is critical to be cognizant of because a landing page has a fundamentally different purpose than a sales page. While many people do add some sales page elements to their landing page, the primary focus is still collecting information from potential customers. While generating a sale is great it is easier in the long run to build a warm list of leads which will not only generate sales for the product being promoted on the membership site being promoted on the landing page but also other products in the future.

This concept boils down to two things. First, the goal of your landing page should be to gather contact information so you can still sign up people for your membership site after they leave your landing page. If you try to make a hard sell right away there is a high likelihood people will not come back and you will not have a way to contact them. Second, you should plan on building a separate sales page for your membership site which can be promoted separate from your landing page.

Capturing Contact Information Should be the Priority

The priority for any landing page should be to capture contact information. Depending on the type of membership site there are several different ways to do this. The first is the traditional solution of capturing email addresses. This is still the most popular option even for membership sites. The second option is to offer a free membership on the landing page. While this does merge into sales page territory it is important to only offer a free membership and not attempt to get people to sign up for a paid membership right away.

Always Test the Copy and How It Is Delivered

The third guideline to keep in mind when creating a successful landing page for a membership site is to always test the copy and how it is delivered. Testing the copy is exactly what it sounds like. Using different benefits, emotional triggers, and format can all play a role in how well the landing page converts. Along with testing copy it is also important to test how it is delivered. Some membership sites benefit from using a long form sales copy while others use a short form copy. Other membership sites have found it most successful to use a video landing page or combination of video and text landing page.

Keep in mind the tests regarding copy and how it is delivered will be greatly influenced by traffic sources. If possible, segregate your tests to focus on specific traffic sources.

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  • Scott says:

    My membership site is the first website I have tried to create dedicated landing page for. When I was just running a blog my homepage was just recent blog posts and it seemed to work out fairly well. The only problem I ran into is collecting leads. In hindsight this is probably because my option form wasn’t above the fold. This ties into your idea that capturing contact information should be a priority because on my blog it was secondary.

    With my membership site capturing contact information was definitely a priority but my landing pages still didn’t convert very well. I like your tip that a landing page should not be a sales page and this might be one of my problems. I also haven’t done any explicit testing to see if any of the content on the landing page needs to be changed. I also haven’t done much experimenting or trying to add things like video or slideshows to my landing page. It seems like making a video would be difficult and time-consuming but if I really want to make my membership site grow it might be worth the investment.

    Overall, great tips. Thanks!

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