Magic Members WordPress Membership plugin has a new membership site service for you.

We know that you want to create a membership website with Magic Members, yet you don’t have time. Don’t worry, our expert team can do it for you!

Create My Membership Site service features:

Our support crew will install and setup your website.
Your website will be ready to accept payments online.
Priority support via help-desk.
Included Magic Members Single License ($495)
If you already had a license, the price is $398

How it works?
After your payment, you will be redirected to a special form. We’ll require some information to start building your membership site.
When we receive the submitted form, we’ll let you know through our help-desk in 2 business days and complete the project in 5 business days.

What will we do?

1. Installation – We’ll install Magic Members for you.
2. Do you have a license:
If yes, license key (reduces price to $398)
If not, this packages includes a single license.
3. Payment gateway settings. We’ll setup your payment gateway setting in Magic Members.
4. Content protection settings.
5. Subscription packages. We’ll create subscription packages for you. (Free, Trial, Paid)
6. Autoresponder. We’ll setup your autoreponder. So when a user register your website, they will be added to your related autoresponder list automatically.
7. Login redirection settings.
8. Custom user profile field – We’ll create your registration form and profile page custom user fields.

Price: $398

Price: $495

Terms & Conditions
We guarantee to complete the project in 5 business days.
30-day money back guarantee doesn’t include service prices.
If you have a questions about Create My Membership packages, please contact us.