CCBill Magic Members Integration

Magic Members Becomes First WordPress Membership Plugin to Integrate CCBill

CCBill continues to be a popular solution for membership sites, however it has been near impossible to find a plugin to easily integrate CCBill. Magic Members is reported to be the very first WordPress membership plugin to integrate CCBill. While there have been some membership site scripts that have attempted to integrate CCBill, however until Magic Members, there has not be a membership plugin that seamlessly integrates with WordPress and CCBill.

CCBill has been around since 1998 and quickly became a popular international 3rd party payment processor. Currently, CCBill does not charge any setup fees or monthly maintenance fees. They only charge a transaction fee which based upon your transaction volume can range from 14.5% to 11.5%. These rates seem to be on par with industry averages.

Some of the Popular CCBill Features

  • Payment Options – Currently CCBill will accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and JCB as well as any debit card that carries the Visa or MasterCard logo.
  • Virtual Box Office – The Virtual Box Office has proven to be a great tool for people who are looking to run a membership website centered around online entertainment and other subscription based sites.
  • Fraud Protection – CCBill has been a leader in fraud protection thanks to the fully integrated fraud screening tools that are included free with every account. These tools are used to protect both you as the website owner as well as your customers.
  • Free Tools – There are a number of free tools that are included with your CCBill account One of the most widely used tools is the subscription management and affiliate program tools. Both of these tools are considered essential for running an effective membership site. Another great tool is the real-time online transaction monitoring and reporting services. This allows you to not only stay on top of how your membership site is doing, but also will allow you to better manage current members.

Integrating CCBill Into Your Membership Site

As long as you are using the Magic Members plugin, integrating CCBill couldn’t be easier. You simply enable the CCBill module and fill in all of your account details. Before Magic Members, website owners would have to use a complicated combination of PHP, .htaccess, and cron jobs in order to come close to making CCBill work. However, this often resulted in needing monitor your subscriptions almost around the clock to keep everything in check and running smoothly.

With the Magic Members plugin, CCBill integration is seamless instead of headache that it used to be.

  • Everybody was waiting for WordPress CCBill integration…
    This is the first in WordPress history.

  • Just what i was looking for 🙂 – A WordPress membership system that’s highly featured AND works with CCBill – a client wants to use them, and this is the only module I’ve found that integrates it.

    Thank you for saving me many hours coding!

  • Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin supports CCBill Dynamic Pricing, so you can use Pay Per Post feature with CCBill.

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